Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Why don't Asian people like cheese?

the following two paragraphs are highly explosize..not for the weak at heart.

i am so fucken mad at my babby-daddy (ole ghetto bullshit). i called him on father's day to ask him why he didn't call me and say "happy father's day" and he asked me if he could watch My on thursday june 22 and 23. i told him fine. that was a good idea because My's school is closed friday (how the hell a day care provider gone go on vacation?) so i really need him to be there for me and watch her. he said he understood the importance of this and he would definitely watch her.

why did he call me thursday night and say that he couldn't do it because he was over his friend's house? he's a fucken bastard. no good father been in a two year college since i met his ass in 1999 half ass workin part time for church's chicken tramp.

relax. relate. release.

thursday catchacase came by. he just came to bring me some dinner and hang out. no sex. no kissing. none of that so..don't start tripping on me.he did ask me to go to the movies with him friday to see that tyreese flick. i said yes...i'm weak-help me.

on friday i was mad at bobby because i had left my cellphone at home while at work and when i got home there were 14 missed calls ALL from him. I was pissed.

i called him. pissed.I say "what is your problem!" he responds "my bad, you never leave your phone i was worried" i say "why were you calling so much?" he says " i was mainly calling you because i wanted to buy My some shoes..." i felt bad...he brought my daughter shoes. so sweet.

friday I took my weave down (yes, i am keeping it o-so real) and washed my hair. my crop is way too thick. i had a massive afro so i sat at home eating ice cream watching "girl interuppted" (as you can see from my site address one of my favorite movies). catchacase didn't call me.

saturday one of my instructor's daughters braided my hair. i was heated because she arrived late and stopped to take a four hour lunch in the middle leaving me with a fourth of my hair not done by the time i went to sleep.

bobby's cousin brought bobby over in the middle of me getting my whip done, he was drunk. so drunk that he sat on the floor beside me and fell asleep. then suddenly he woke up put a bag of braid hair in his mouth and fell back to sleep. I was so embarassed.

i texted catchacase to tell him how pissed i was at him for not calling me and some wrote back "catchacase is in the hospital, he got hit on his motorcycle." I called his mom she said he was at northridge hospital. i called but he didn't answer the phone. i'm afraid to call him back.

sunday morning the chic came back to finish my hair.

bigsis and i made plans to go eat at ihop and then venture into one of the most ghetto fabulous places in los angeles the slauson swapmeet. rims and white tees as far as the eye can see. asian folks selling us our souls; quantified in braid hair, nugget gold, bootleg cd's and knock off clothing. we were looking for sandals. no luck.

bobby called me and told me and bigsis to come over to his brother's house. his brother is FIZZZZZZZINE. i mean, i wish i met him first fine. so fine i try not to look directly in his eyes for fear that i may slip.

bobby introduced bigsis to him and they hit it off. i think they feeling each other.

we all ended up at my house, bobby ordered pizza nad we watched "boyz in the hood"...dang 1993 was along time ago....we gettin old yall.

AMP texted me yesterday asking for my sunday evening. i told him i'd be in the bahamas that day. i think he thought i was lying cus he never wrote me back.

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