Friday, July 07, 2006

Girl I think you fine, holla at me.

My vacation was fantastic.

Saturday. I flew into Fort Lauderdale. Sony Studios met my at the baggage claim. Mom picked us both up from the airport. We got to moms house. Huge home. Five bedrooms, three baths, den, patio, pool, two backyards, front yard, lovely. My jumped her bathing suit and got in the pool. Sonystudios, Bigsis (she and the kids flew in Friday night) and I got dressed for the club.

We went to the “Blue Martini”. It was cool. Moms said she had seen it, one night when she’d gone to the movies… it was mostly white people. No offense but we were the only chocolate drops there. 3 martinis’ cost $36; so we each only had one drink. We hung out there for a while. We got our hand stamped and left out. Some guy told us the black clubs were down the street. We caught one of those things were the guy pedals and taxi’s you to your destination on a bike. He was sweating like a damn hog. The three fat booty’s on the back of the bike; had his ass working for a tip.

The second club was called Elite. It was tiny. There were plenty of booties shaking and breast hanging out, bullet wounds, stretch marks, weaves and wigs, gold teeth (fronts and full). We meet some guy that we named Chris Brown.

We walked back to the car and we were going to stop at Denny’s but; the racist acts of our waitress forced us to leave.

Sunday. We went to Universal Studios. My got to participate in Fear Factor Live, her favorite show. It was too hot for us to enjoy it really. We didn’t even get to see the whole thing…but what we saw was crackin. We were too tired to do anything when we got home. Sleep fell upon us.

Monday. We took the boat to the Bahamas. It was fun. There was an outbreak of malaria. We decided to not go on shore because of that. We snorkeled, danced, ate all day long…it was too fun.

Tuesday. Early that morning we went to the beach. It was beautiful. I walked about a mile out and the water was at my waist. The water was warm. My nephews and I made “people” in the sand. I love the beach there.

My mom and step dad cooked. It was too good. Greens, cornbread, macaroni and cheese, potato salad…yummy. I was too stuffed.

That evening we walked to the beach and watched a 23 minute fireworks show. We the walked promenade and I even rode the mechanical bull.

That night my cousin, sort of, took us to South Beach to Party. It was off the chain.

Wednesday. That morning we went to some all you can eat restaurant…that was too good. Sony Studios missed her flight that morning. But she caught one at the same time that evening.

My first flight to the ATL was rough; but it was only and hour. I then had to sit in the ATL airport for 3 hours. Once I got on the plane I sat on the runway for an hour and a half waiting for electrical storms to end. My flight was too scary, it dropped and I could see the lighting out the window, the electricity keep turning off, it was terrifying.

I didn’t get home until 1:30am Pacific time. I was and still am tired.

Catchacase came by last night and told me that he has to turn himself in to the police tomorrow he has been going through court the last couple of months. He was driving and his friend had a gun in the car…they both were charged.

I was going to break up with Bobby yesterday…Reasons to be explained in a later post… but since I can’t bring Catchacase with me to Catalina on Saturday (my old boss Kos is paying for it and she already brought the tickets) so I have to take him.

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jirzygurl said...

oh no you are breaking up with Bobby?? I guess I will wait for the post to see what happened! Glad you had a good trip!