Monday, March 06, 2006

36 Mafia Won a damn oscar.

I interviewed for my bosses old position today. I feel it went well, even though I am not necessarily feeling fantastic today. I got my hair done Friday so that it would look nice for today,and it does. I wore my grey "interview dress" and stockings. But you never know with these things. But if three six mafia can win an oscar I can get a damn promotion.
SO pray for me.

Trin and I spent the whole weekend together...I mean the entire weekend together. It's rather strange being a couple. the Hand holding and the eye's sort of tiring. I am happy thinking about an evening at home just me and the kid eating stale Trix right out the box.

Funny though, in the two hours that Trin and I didn't spend together Crazychris called me. I was watching "Drumline" and he called. he didn't want anything because he never does. He just wanted to see how I was. I told him fine and that I was dating Trin; but as always that didn't bother him, he feels that since we've known each other so long (since we were 13) that all else should stop when he comes around. I laugh at that thought. It did make me question alife with Trin compared to a life with Crazychris. sigh...

This weekend is going to be cracking. Me and my girls in Houston for my girl E's a couple posts back and check out our picture. It's going to be hotrageous. I can not wait. No kids. No men..Just me and my girls.. And it's Sony studios and Am's birthday Thursday!!! Whhhhooooo weeee!!! I can't wait.

I been hanging with Am lately, it's funny I want to bring up stuff that only sonystudios would know just because they're twins and they look and act so much a like's just a trip. I been knowing these heffas since we were in the womb.

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Ms. Write said...

I'm a little late on the upswing, but I hope your interview went well. Glad things with Trin are settling in... and I hope you have a BLAST with your girls!!

Peace and blessings!!