Thursday, March 16, 2006


Trin and I has an agruement Tueday night of last week (3/7). Basically, he was being completely inconsiderate of the fact that I really hadn't gotten any sleep previous the days ( because I was up hanging out with him) He wanted to stay up and watch a movie (that I had already seen) and even proceeded to ask me questions about the film after he coul clearly see that I was falling asleep. I kind of snapped at him and he got an attitude packe dhis things and left. I went to sleep.

Wednesday morning I apoplogized over the vocie mail but apparently that wasn't enough. All Wednesday he kept leaving me the most horrible messages and I just couldn't take any more of it. He critisized the way I let my three year "whine" and the way he claims she has me "wrapped around her finger" he spat out the most evil comments that have ever been made about me all day long over aprroximately 20 messages he left on my cellphone. I was through. I called him and let his ass have it.

That night he called me and tried to apologize. I didn't feel like dealing with it. So I haven't really spoken to him since. I thought that waiting to talk to him would make me realize that it was jsut an argument and that I really should just forgive him and get on with our relationship butl them ore I think about it, some of the things he said were awful. the more I think about it the less I want to talk to or even be around him.

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