Tuesday, January 24, 2006

"I don't want no...bad news.." (said with the voice of the witch from THE WIZ)

ok so I am incredilbly pumped right now. My boss just quit. Which means one of two things which either of which is an excellent thing for me... Either I will be next in the running to be chair over the program (which I really wouldn't want the job; but the money would make me love it) or I can take over her class and teach 8am to 5pm!! I'd have a normal life. I'd be able to cook dinner for my child. I'd be able to go on dates again and out with my friends and I'd be able to sit on the couch and lislussly watch tv.YESSSS!!! horray! My students will be super sad though. The teacher that would replace me SUCKS. she's stupid and musty.

listen to this text that Trin just sent me :

Daaang Jenny! U have the smile of an angel. U glow, you've got the light of GOD around you. A beauty that glowz inside and out. Can't wait to talk to you later!

Now either that's hella game or he's really sweet. I don't trust myself to decipher between the two anymore. sigh.

so I'm still fadding tech guy out. dude is so fucken boring. he is a computer programmer and I swear he speaks english like he's talking to a computer. He doesn't like music. he dosen't like tv. he used to play pro ball and I think maybe he's a third gay... but lately I think he's realized that I'm moving away from him and so he's tightening his grip on me... he's clutched a grip around my cellphone so tight I've had to acccidentally on purpose leave in the car a time or two.

dopeman has clear run me up off of myspace. I don't never check it anymore for fear that he may catch me on there and bombard me with messages about "do you still like me?" NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! leave me the hell alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ricroc texted me the other morning while I was having breakfast with Trin. It's like he has radar for me or something. and wrote "When can I see you?" I texted back (When Trin went to the bathroom, the guy drinks 89 glasses of water a day)"Where's your girl?" He wrote "I told you we broke up" I wrote "Well no time soon" He wrote "you want me" I wrote "Past tense: wanted" he wrote "?!!!" I wrote "Matter of Fact wanted you for a long time.Guess it's time to grow up and have a real realtionship...no more booty calls" He hasn't wrote me sense. Well this be the end of my ric roc adventures...the end of an era.

Well I gots to be teaching...alas I go to do my job.

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Kimmie said...

Wow your dating life or even text messaging life sounds so full!! lol!! Seem so long ago I had the menz chasing and calling me. Now I got only one and a 6 year old with the same old question.... What's for dinner. Just exchange dinner for breakfast, lunch and snack. Still the same question. LOL!
I hope you get the job with better hours!