Tuesday, January 24, 2006

update: 1/24/06

Still holding on with Trin. He's still such a sweetie. He always sends me the sweetest texts. I am however really worried about the fact that he is an extreme night owl. I mean I am ususally up pretty late because I don't get off till 10 and then I have to pick up my go home and get ready to do it all again but he's up I mean wide awake at 3am. The club that he works at stays open 24 hours but I just find it strange that he's up and filled with so much energy so early...hmmmmm.

Last week he and I had breakfast on Thursday. It was nice. I was suprised that he was out in the daylight I thought he'd melt if the sun hit him. I didn't see him all this weekend because I was out in Lancaster visiting my fam bam. My little cuzo changed my oil...

I am weave free today. My aunt permed my hair on Sunday so it's all nice and straight. I mean extremely straight. I mean it looks like my hair is super thin. But it is currently the longest it has ever been. It cascades over my shoulders....like the tantlizing lingo?

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