Monday, January 30, 2006

"Head over heels I'm falling..."

I feel so fresh and renewed for it to be a Monday!

Being with Class already changed me a lot. It hurt me alot too. But I knew from the momment I met Class that he was going to change me. That something about him was special. And that indeed he was.

He showed me that what I was looking for was just the tip of the iceberg and that I deserved so much more than to just being some foolish man's wife. (yeah line swipe from Lauryn Hill).

But honestly I can say I was somewhere else before I fell for Class. And when things ended between he and I, it was so hard for me to breath.... almost entirely unexplainable the pain I was feeling. And on top of that I know that his studio was just a few blocks from my house and so much of me wanted to just go over there and tell him ILOVEYOU>>> but I didn't. I didn't want the drama. I didn't want the fallonmyface of it all. it was too much for me what I felt for him and I really do feel that if I'd have showed him my full hand he could have played me for all I have.

Being with him did remind me that I do have the ability to FALL. and It reminded me that that's what being in a relationship is about. Jumping without a parachute, just one big inhale and go for it. and that's how I am with Trin.

I am not the same girl that's playing by his rules and letting myself be taken on a trip instead being an actual part of this relationship. I'm in it I'm enjoying it and I am really FALLING and fast.

Thursday- Trin and I had lunch, he sure knows how to make a girl smile. He gave me the sweetest card....sigh....

Friday- After work I went on a MASSIVE grocery shopping SPREE!! my daughter was so overjoyed she didn't know what to do...once we got home she kept asking for everything she could remember that I brought that she likes...

I was so tired from the shopping that I brough pizza... I'm laughing at myself because I spent 200 dollars on groceries and still didnt' cook dinner. Trin came over and I finally let My meet him. They seemed to like each other... We watched Cinderella and Last Holiday (on bootleg). When he left my says "where's Trin going?" I said "home" she says "oh, that's cool". The girl can talk yall!!!!

Saturday- Sharlita (my white,black homegirl formerly known as WG2) and I went to the out door swapmeet...I failed to mention that I got my tax returns already (I owed 1140 dollars and they sure as hell took it out...I was madd) and I love the out door swapmeet...we had a good ole time. Then we went to Olive GArden and I was reminded why I haven't gone out to eat with My in a long time...the kid was acting crazy...she was tired and I had to threaten to beat her a good 10 time and finally she fell asleep.

Than night I changed my livingroom around now it looks huge... I just hate figuring out where all the little things go. I watch this move "Road to Pirdition" I think that's the name of it...might not be...It was excellent... see it if you haven't.

Sunday- Went to church as usual. Trin came by and I made tacos.... (I'm reeling him in with the home cooking). Then My and I fell asleep on the couch...Life is beautiful (another good movie if you haven't already seen it)


brooklyn babe said...

love the name of your blog..."personality disorder" pure comedy... just passing thru mama so show u some love

sonyared said...

Girl, tax time can hurt sometimes..

As well as love it's crazy..but focus more on u and what u want and as u said don't let them take u 4 the ride..tx for stopping through :-)

Ms. Write said...

Just two comments, Jenny.
#1 I feel you on the "falling" thing. I've fallen for Middle and I'm still falling. He makes me think really hard about the things I THOUGHT I wanted in a man... you know?

#2 Home-cooking works everytime! :-) U go girl!!