Friday, October 14, 2005

"swimming in the noodles"

My is such a big girl now. she told me last night “Mommy I’m swimming in the noodles.” which sounds absolutely bizarre but; I have a shag rug in the bath room that looks, to her, like noodles, so she takes all her clothes off (which she knows how to do now) and lays on the rug and was apparently “swimming in the noodles”…some moments are just the reason camcorders were made.

But aren't we all just swimmining in noodles?

I’m still in love…even deeper now.

Sigh… Class…. (((dazing into never neverland)))

I can’t stop thinking about him.

We’re supposed to have drinks tonight at the “meat market” (*that’s a little something something for you West Los Angeles Children…The Ladera area crew…those of us who know of the madness that transpires on Friday nights at the Ladera Center in that TGIF bar that’s for some reason always standing room only…and the bell is always ringing because the ballas keep trying to out tip each other at the bar).

The studio was closed all last weekend because something was wrong with the computer but he got that fixed Wednesday so I know this weekend is going to be a long one for him…plus he was sick so he didn’t work all this week…he is going to be trying to get his mad ass hustle on to try to make up this $. SO I’ll take a few hours on a Friday if that’s what I can get.

The thing I’m suspicious about is that he tells me last night “I have an appointment tomorrow at 8pm.” What the hell is that? A date? It’s prolly a date. What if it’s a date? Does that mean I should be going on a dates as well? Last weekend we didn’t see each other until 9pm, maybe he had drinks with someone before our date? See, this is why I was going to become a troll… Troll’s don’t date they just bother goats under bridges, wear shirts that let their bellies show and have strange colored hair.

See how my mind is a psycho trip on LSD?

Ok So I do have a life out side of class….

My best friend in the world, Sony Studios, is moving away from me. She’s moving to New Jersey in December. I am so distraught. I mean we’ve been friends since the breastfeeding days and now she’s growing up and moving out of Killa Cali. What am I to do? The days of Sony Studios and Jenny acting wild on the block are over…((((sigh…depression sets in, digs a hole, fills up and disperses throughout my body, suddenly a twinkle of hope…I smile)))) so you know she and I are planning something scandalous for her departure… a road trip…a party …. every weekend there must be something going on.

I just read this last paragraph I wrote…I am indeed crazy.

The weekend before last my car was hit and ran. I went into a club with Martinez and Sony Studios so that Sony Studios could introduce me to her new dude….Very cute…very funny…very for her. and When I came out my shit was smashed. From end to end.$600 I paid to have it fixed and that’s not for body damage that's just so that I can get back and forth to work. So, the Maxima is looking ragedy right not. I am so blessed that I have family that has cheese to share when issues like hit and runs come around.

Oh yeah..Roo. He's gone crazy. I told him about Class and he was livid. I just wanted to be up front and let him know what was going on. He was not feeling that shit.

I told him bout our date last weekend on Monday. He just told me he had to go back to work and hung up on me. I texted him later and he didn't write back. I called and he didn't call. Then finally Wednesday at 4:30 am he calls you know the shit was bothering him.

He tells me he's coming over. So he does around 7:30am. He brings me breakfast, and we're sitting in the living room eating and I tried to talk to him about class and I even asked him if he wanted me to stop talking to class and just be with him but he just refused to even talk about it. He refused. He act as if eveythind was fine. I think he's going to chop me into little pieces and mail me to my friends or something....

If it happens Just know I loved hard, worked hard, prayed hard, and the Lord is my shepard...


jirzygurl said...

I completely lost track of your life!!! I must go waaaaaaaaaaaay back and get caught up... maybe tomorrow! but looking forward to it

Jenny said...

hey girl!!!! how have you been. I have to get caught up on you too.