Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Ease on down...ease on down...ease on down...

Instead of having drinks at TGIF he picked up dinner (El Pollo Loco) on his way to my house. We ate and laughed and I giggled the way we women giggle when we're in the throws of infatuation....sigh... then he had to get back to the studio.

Later that evening he called me (the new chic that he's writing for was blowing her ass off in the background, homegirl has a banging ass voice and she has that I-m-a-singer-look that coolie girl shit everybody wants right now...she's going to be something) and he tells me that he was just calling me to tell me that he wanted me to that the last few weeks have been great and that he it continues this way and that he couldn't stop thinking about me.... now that shit souns really good to me and made me all melted and shit...but now with my crazy ass I'm questioning it.INSANE

Saturday I ran around likea crazy ass trying to do errands in the freaking ran and you know we Californians don't know nothing bout driving in the ran so the shit was crazy.. Can you believe my babydaddy brought My some Jordans.

Sunday, I invited all my friends over for dinner I cooked chicken enchiladas with white sauce. It was cracking. Sony Studios passed her bartender exam so she made drinks. It was way too much fun. It was supposed to be just the four of us. but it ended it up being 13 people. I got smashed and It was joyfull joyful....

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