Sunday, October 09, 2005

Reebok Classics.

SO, I'm love right.
With Class.
We went out this weekend. This group that he writes for performed and we went to this club to see them. AND afterwards...We went back to his place... Keke now you and I can talk... it was worth the wait. Every hot, sweat covered, nappy haired, second of it was worth it.
I don't care where he is with this but right now....I'm in love. Maybe it not love (Anyone who's ever read this blog...for what ever reason knows I don't believe in the L word so it's a hell of a thing that I'm even saying it.) but this feeling of extreme euphoria, this floating on my own mood of exasperating bliss is filling my entire day up...

I swear I feel like I'm 17 again.

Butterflies in the belly-
can't stop smiling-
day dreaming when I should be teaching-
hotflashes when I think back on it-
can't wait to see him again-
in awe at the thought of-

I really got to see him in a new light. I got to see him being silly... (((I'm smiling uncontrollably)))). The next morning we laid there cuddled in the covers watching the news I had on his robe, hair looking a tattered mess, we were clowning the news casters with the volume on mute eating Trix. we sat there talking and reminiscing and getting slightly closer as the world outside his window played background music to our quality time. sigh...

I been hit someone save me....

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