Wednesday, February 23, 2005


I was contemplating incorporating some poetry into todays' entry but I think I will wait until I offically have a computer at home...

So crazychris and I have offically broken all the way up. Yeah, sameas always. We break up make up whatever. Anyways we were arguing, as usual, and he says to me from nowhere "You know Jen, you don't have that many friends anyway." I was so thrown by this. What the hell does he mean? I don't have that many friend anyway?

I've never been the type to have a lot of people at my house...i'm just not into haveing the "homies" "kicking-it" at my spot every damn weekend. I'm never been the type to want to be all up in someone elses house either. I don't particularly care for the phone...I rather be out eating lunch or better yet shopping for that matter. There's maybe a good four people I talk to every week...not every day...every week. I don't even have a cellphone cuz I feel like if you don't know where I'm at you ain't supposed to know. I really only have one true best friend and I don't really yackit up with anyone else. There are prolly times when I don't to functions because I "don't have anyone to go with"...but It never really bothered me.

I've always felt secure with this until crazy chris from no where pointed this out to me. Is it me? Am I supposed to have more friends? Should I make a conscious effort to make more friends? Or have I always been right in the asumption that just like money the more friend the more problems?

SO the damn IRS tryina keep a sista down. They sent me a letter talking about I owe them 1,300 dollars because got damn Jackson Hewitt forgot to carry a damn 1 or something...What's the real fucked up part about it is, Since I am in a "different" tax brackett, then the one I was in last year, I don't qualify for my extra $1,500 EITC anymore so I'm only getting back $1700 Some bull shit... I had plans for my money. I tell you black folks, we are always looking for ways to hold on to our "lump sums".

I am so feeling J right now. I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop. He and I are both the same sign, Taurus. Stubborn as the damn Sun in the sky, we're loving and will give the absoulte world to someone we are involved with (friend or romatically) yet when you cross us or if we have the perception that you are trying to cross us...We will cut ear to ear, no second thoughts.

He came by last night and he is so one of the those when-you-first-see-him-he's-just-ok-looking-kind-of guys-but-the-more-you-get-to-know-him-the-more-handsome-he-becomes.

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