Monday, February 14, 2005

The 45th day of the year.

Ok so, J and I went to lunch today...beautiful. We went to this Mexican resturant on the corner from my job and they just happened to be having Valentine's day festivities . It was so nice. I really enjoyed myself. He is the sweetest. Then When I went on my break today at 8pm I called him to just to tell him thank you agian for such a wonderful lunch, he tells me call me as soon as you get home okay? I say sure. I didn't really trip because he always tells me to that. But when I got home, my entire balcony was covered in flowers.... I'm gitty as a school girl.

Of course crazychris didn't call me. That's just what he does. coachant sent me this beautiful card that he drew...I felt as though he were a prison inmate though.... anywho...

I take back any harsh comments I've made in the past about the 45th day of the year.

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Lisa said...

ROFL...why did a friend of a friend get an actual prison card? And she was all verklempt over the shit too. is grand I suppose. Even the 20 years to life variety.

Flowers are schweet...nice to know that thoughtful men still exist. And here I was thinking they were all gay!