Wednesday, February 02, 2005


I love Lucy. I mean I really do. When I'm at home on Saturday's I sit up and watch her allda day long. There's this one episode that Ricky had told her not to do something and she did it anyway...wait a minute...that's every damn episode....well anyways Lucy tries to pretend to have abnesia so she's all "Where am I? Who am I?"
That shit is straight up hilarious! I can not take it.

Well enough of my nerdiness.

J came by before I went to work today just to "visit" me. The more I see him the more interested I am in him. At first I was just being a "carhop" when's the last time you heard that phrase? but he's really nice and gentle and sincere and he hasn't tried to "feel me up" I'm kinda liking this.

He tells me he's in "real estate" and yall know what that means.dun dun dun...

Crazychris and I have not spoke since our "bullet" episode. I think maybe he's I'm laughing at myself...

Since I've been on the patch I've realized that I've been able to control my emotions more. I know that there is corolation between hormone altering medication and mood but I didn't think that it would affect me this dramatically. I haven't really experienced any on the "Blue lamp shade" since I've been on the patch. I am enjoying this.

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