Monday, January 10, 2005


Ok here I am again risking my job to write a blog. I have gots to get a computer at home.

What's up with me?

* Well I was talking to MC, but I think that's over.

* I am still rolling with Crazychris. shit has actually been good between us, believe it or not. I am feeling good about "us" for the first time in ten years. we'll see. I'm suppsosed to have a super bowl party for him at my house.

* Thursday and friday I was out of it...I was dead to the world. I had to leave work early on Thursday and didn't go on Friday. I was on my death bed.Head was hurting, throat was sore, achy body the flu over came me. Trust.

* I am paying 157 dollars for got damn health insurance. that amount of $ can make or break my daughter and I. I am going to have to put my daughter back on Medi-cal and just hope for the best for myself. Fuckin Bush.

* Saturday day I took My to Chuckee Cheese for her cousin's birthday party. (My BBD's sister's daughter) And yes my daughter's dad was there...with his other baby mama. Yes the one before me. I stayed all of thirty minutes before I quickly dismissed my self. Why would his sister invite me to the party knowing that he was going to be there with her? ~Expecting me to come with the drama?

* Saturday night I went out with Sony Studios.Sony and I picked up her friend Jason then we met up with two of his friends that looked all buffed up on steroids. and had gel slicked hair...? She and I went to this club called Pearl. I wasn't feeling all that cute when I got there. The rain had dapened my style. But the Dj was cracking. The crowd was a mix of black and white (mostly white women)All I know is that I got so drunk that I threw up. I threw up at the club i threw up at Sony Studios house Upstairs and downstairs. Sony was so drunk she gave this guy that she's messing with 120.00... yeah.... I don't know.... why..... I wasn't with her...sounds suspicious to me.

*Crazychris was upset with me because I ended up spending the night at Sony studios house. And if you've read my blog before know the type of stuff that goes on there...I don't blame him.

* My stayed with Sony Studios' mom Ms. R and she was "the sweetest baby" I was very happy with her.

* Sunday I didn't do a damn thing. I couldn't. Suffering from my hangover. I cleaned up my house. I showered.that was it.

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