Tuesday, December 28, 2004

quick fast

Can't write much. Not suppossed to be writing at all. I'm at work.

Well Christmas was beautiful. I had a wonderous time. My kinda sorta understood Christmas this time so it was nice.

Mom came to visit. She's going home tonight.

I'm messing with Crazy chris agian yeah I'm trippin.

Coach Ant and I haven't really spoken much in the last couple of days.

Still kinda weary of this job. don't know who to trust quite yet. But I love what I do. I adore it. I've waste ten minutes too many typing this up...gotta go


Duchess said...

CrazyChris?! No Jenny! Why?!

Jenny said...

Dee, you know how it is. We love each other. It might be psycho-murder-each-other-by-poisioning-and-then-stab-ourself-because-we-miss-the-way-you-made-grilled-cheese-sandwiches-type love. But it's love indeed.