Wednesday, January 12, 2005


SO being with CrazyChris is like being in the middle of beauty and the beast. Now don't get me confused he is not by far an ugly guy. He's about 6'2 or 6'3. He has a really nice body. His face kind of reminds me of Ludacris. Especially now that he's wearing cornrolls. It’s more like if I touch him he flinches? What is that about? Is it me? I know it’s not me.

He is just not very affectionate. I am so lovey dovey, kissey, foo-foo and I think maybe it is a little too intimidating for him. But if you weren’t used to getting kissed and hugged and cuddled, wouldn’t someone doing that to you for all these damn years make you feel more open?…I don’t know…It’s like pulling teeth for him to say some thing like “I wish you were here in the bed next to me” It’ half-way unbelievable when he tells me stuff like that.

Well I’m officially a cradle robber.
I was in Wal-mart (my favorite household store). And who do I see coming around the corner? A beautiful chocolate skinned, 6 2 standing, muscular bodied, cheek dimpled, sexy ass smiling Catchacase. He is too fine. And what he can do with his….let me shut up. Well Catchacase comes a walking down the isle; I give him a great big ole hug. And You know a sista was CHEESSIN… Who is just behind him? His mom. I damn near fell out.

I look pretty young myself. As a matter of fact the cashier at Sav-on’s told me that he thought I was 17 before I gave him my ID to buy some tequila , triplesec and margarita mix. So I was hoping that I could just play it off. Catchacase introduces me to her and I shake her hand. She tells me “you are such a pretty girl” I say “Thank you and smile” How could I stand here and meet this woman that I was sexing her young 18/19 year old son? She then says to me “so did you meet ‘Catchacase’ at school?” I say “no, a friend of his lives near me and I met him one day while he was over there” She says “oh” and scrunches her face up. She then asks “well what school do you go to?” I say “well I went to Cal state Los Angeles” She says “went to?” I just shake my head. She says “oh you look so young how old are you?” DUN! DUN! DUN! Do I lie to this woman? Do I tell her 17? 18? No. My air headed ass says “23” all big a boastful. She just peers down at me over her nose and grabs Catchacase and walks off.

Is 18 and 23 really that big of a difference? I went to prom with someone who was 24. but I guess I wouldn’t want my daughter to follow suit.

Yes Yes I’m going to hell. I know..

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Anonymous said...

i came to your blog through the black women's blog ring. :D

it might take awhile for someone like that to "soften" up especially if they're not use to that.

you sound like me. i'm 23 and i look 16 except i couldn't see myself with anyone that young, but man most guys who are 18 look much older. i remember i met this guy who was really sweet and nice. i thought he was in his 20's and he was still a senior in high school. lmbo.

18 and 23 aren't that big of a difference really. he is legal. :P