Friday, October 08, 2004

"save the drama for ya momma..."

ok...SO my moms is hyper off this shit that's going on with me. She is basically driving me up the walls about this.

I tell her I ain't got no money to be trying to get another car and my damn license is still suspended. So she throws money at me. I'm not saying, throwing money at me ain't a good helps it's just hat I need some love too. I need some "everythings going to be alright..."I need my mommy to tell me that.

My mother has changed so much since....since I don't know when, I'd like to say she's always been that way but that's not true. I remember her being a different person...when did she change? why?

It seems now that she's so ....I don't want to say heartless; but, maybe that's it. When I went to visit her she wasn't the lady I knew. It's crazy that I've been knowing her for 23 years and she still thinks she can hide shit from me...

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