Monday, October 11, 2004

lazy heffa.

You have got to get an image of me right now. I have my hair in a wrap and i's basically straight no curl at the end, no make-up, I have a plain black scrub top, plain black scrub pants, plain black shell toes, I have no ear rings on, no necklaces, no bracelets, no rings, my white lab coat, no nail polish, a black purse with a white "j" on the side. I look as though I'm in mourning...

I look so sad.

I thought I was over feeling sorry for myself but the weekend brought on the realization that I Don't have a car.

no grocery shopping.

no laundry.

no kiddie parties.

I stayed home the entire weekend. I only went out of the house once this weekend to take the trash out.

I did get to rearrange my bedroom.

My house looks like those crazy people who never have people over because they are afraid that company will move something. Everything is dusted, shining, bling blinging all and out the apartment.


Anonymous said...

Why the hell can you not just get your car back? Is this chick in hiding with your car? I am not understanding. Where the hell is her sister in all this. What are they on crack?

Jenny said...

Kita says tht she brought my damn car to my house and put the keys in the glove compartment with the door unlocked...insinuating that if it's not there it's been stolen...

Even though the damn po's said that a car has not been stolen off my street in the last year and I live on a fucken main street and I've been living on my block almost five yeats so every fucken hood niggah over there knows who the fuck I am (my daughters father and these dudes are close so they call them selves "looking out for me...a sista can't een date hardly....I digress) and still she claims she left my shit on my block in the middle of the day on a Saturday and it was stolen.

When I filed the po-lice report, the po said that she didn't believe Kitas story neither....they said they'd "investigate the situation" Apparently, that means do nothing and let Jen ride the bus to work.

It's all good though...Kitas got hers comin.

As far as her sister my suposed friend of seven years, and godmother to my daughter, that bitch ain't called me nota once to see if I was murdered riding the Metro....the tramp.

Anonymous said...

Thats just insane! I sure hope your following up with the po po's. You should do a drive by kita's place at like 2 am on Tuesday morning and steal your shit back. Cause you know her ass got it.

Jenny said...

I have yet to devise my plan on how to get her back but trust...she will remember it.....