Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Here they go harrassing me again.

The she-riffs got on the train this morning.

I am minding my business re-reading "Just as I am" by E.Lynn Harris, twisting my face up at his obsence descripitions of man on man loving, I'm sitting next to what was obviously a high school student with his black back pack that had gang writting scribble all over it with white out, and his plain white t-shirt...don't get me started with the plain white t-shirt epidemic sweeping over Los Angeles... who's blasting his sony box radio underneath a sign that has a picture of a radio with a red line through it and says $250 fine. I roll my eyes at the young boy but I was secretly enjoying the "shake what you got in them jeans" ghetto reggae remix at 8 o'clock in the morning.

Anyways the She-rats get on and automatically everyone starts reaching for their bus passes and "proof of fair payments".

The Sheriffs hear highschool boys radio now softly thumping he most've turned the radio down ASAP when they got on and they come right over to where he and I are sitting. They ask me for my fair and I shoew them my three dollar pass. They tell white t-shirt that the radio will cost him a ticket, he smacks his lips and gives them his school ID. They trump on a Delinquenicy(sp) charge as well, since he shouldv'e been at school.

Then they ask me for my High school ID. I laugh nervously...Because if you don't know I hate all forms of LAPD and tell the police officer I graduated from high school many years ago...five to be exact. And He tells me "don't to pull that shit on me this morning.." I pull out my pink coach wallet and show them maggot my California ID and point out the red 1980 above my picture and say "What shit am I pulling officer?" he hands me my Id and says "have a good day"

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SyphonBlack said...

Ahh yes, my friends at the LAPD. Gotta love them. Don’t hate on the White-tee! If I was 15 years young and had the mentality of a …. 15 year old…. I would… hate on that shit too. Hell, I hate conformist.

Stay strong! :-)