Wednesday, October 13, 2004


WHen I was in high school there as this group of girls that called themselves NCJC (Not concieted just convinced) They were all shamelessly stuck up. My little Crew LP (Low Profile)Why did you have to have a name for your group when I was in school? I don't know...the real question is: why do I still remember the names of these silly groups????... Vowed that we would never be the way these girls were. They were mean, spiteful, and I think alot of them were cooch bumpers. My old high school is right where Culver City, Beverly hills and Los Angeles meet. Yes for you LA folks I am talking about "Hand-Me-Down"!, known for breeding beautiful women.

SO many times I got that "You look like you went to Hami" comment; but I never saw myself or any of my friends appear as zealous as NCJC...until I was slapped with having to look back at it.

Last night this guy got my number as Sony Studios and I went into a store. She was being very rude...which I try to avoid, since a friend of mine got shot for rolling her eyes at this guy. She didn't even respond to the guy when he said hello to her.

My bf Muq has told me stories of Sony Studios and her sister being snotty towards people since we've gotten older and started to have REAL lives. but I've never really seen it on my own.

Later that evening when the guy called me he says "your cousin was bieng real stuck up." I say "really?" "He says "yeah, she was rollin her eyes and scrunchin her face up and shit...she thinks she's cute because she's lite skin." I say "you think so?" He says "yeah."

I am not the type of person that takes what someone says and runs with it but now that I look back on it SOny Studios is a bit color struck. Her younger sister applies oregeno oil to her skin so that it can get lighter. She "complimented" my friend Martinez on having a "cute little lite skin baby".

And she does act snotty sometimes... Is it that when you're friends with someone you can't really see how ugly they act until you take note of it? or is it that she just started acting like this? Or is it all of us act like that? Hell naw I know I don't act like that shit.

Ok enough of the pondering....

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