Thursday, October 07, 2004

Day 4. On the bus.

This morning I took a different route to work...more forms of public transportation(4 trains and 4 buses) but in less time!

+6:20 am Got on first bus.
+6:30 am Got on second bus.
+6:35 am GOt off second bus, stopped at Kindell's (It's a Cali's the donut stand, with the big ass donut on the top of it in Tupac's "To live and Die in LA" video. it's kind of a historic land mark. I love Cali and our stupid land marks...I digress), dropped My off at day care.
+6:40 am walked the half a block back to the bus I just got off and got back on it going the way I just came from.
+6:45 am got off bus, got on Green train.
+7:00 am got off green train got on blue train.
+7:20 am got off blue train got on red train.
+7:30 am got off red train got on yellow train.
+8:00 Got off yellow train, stopped to get a burrito from "King Taco" (another Cali thang),
+8:10 Got on Fourth bus and got off at second stop.Got Caramel Macchaiato with whip cream and caramel on top from Starbucks and walked to work...
+8:30 got to work thirty minutes early.

Last night was my sorority meeting. That shit was way too long! I didn't get home until 10:45pm...It was like I rode the bus home or some shit.

I felt good when I got home; because, I had 10 messages on my phone!!! They love me, they love me!!! (2 calls)From Moms of course, you know she stressin out. (2 calls) From Sony Studios, is going to pick me up today, drop me off tommorrow and pick me up tommorrow. her sister Asha is going to Miami (she's going to meet up with moms)so Sony can roll her own car to work generally Sony Studios lets her twin roll her car and she and Asha roll together. but She's going to keep her own shit so that her twin can roll Asha's...I digress (1 call) from MC, trying to see if I made it home ok (2 calls) from ES (I don't think I've mentioned him yet), making sure I got home (1 call) from Don ( I ain't mention him here before niether)asking if he can "get my toes done" this Saturday(1 call) from My home girl's mom calling to donate $ for My and her walk next week. and (1 call) from the Ford Company asking bout my Focus.

Why did I just throw my phone center out there like that?

I think I'm going to end this "On the bus" Series of posts with today's post.

I'm tired of feeling sorry for myself.

I have yet to cry about it, though. As a matter of fact, I can't rememeber the last time I had a good cry. One that was not induced by some TV show. I think that's what I'll do tonight. Go home. Take a long, hot, bubble filled, candle lit, soft music playing, aromatherapy, a "few" glasses of wine, with the "at home spa" (that bigsis gave me for x-mas), bath and have a good ole cry.

I think it's maybe been a year since I've really just cried for no apparent reason. Just for me. Just for the drama that seems to loom around me. Just for the fact that, I have no one but myself to depend on. Just for the fact that, I am a single mother at 23. Just for the fact that, I live in the State with one of the greatest degradation of the educational system in history. Just for the fact that, I want to go back to school but I can't afford to pay additonal daycare and I don't have noone to watch My for free.just for the fact that, I'll prolly have to file bankruptcy. Just for the fact that...fuck it.

I was trying to make myself cry but it wasn't working

I think I've moved on to the next stage of maddness after a traumatic event happens to you....THE CALM BEFORE THE STORM...

I'm devising my plan on how to make that bitch pay for what happened. I thought a good old fashioned ass whoppin would do it, but I don't think that that's my style anymore...I'm a teacher and I am somebody's momma. Then I thought of calling the health department on her nasty ass house (trust me they'd fine her ass and take KG's baby out of the house for sure...they gots 9 cats that all live in house, matter fact the cats got they own room that's why Kita sleeps in the livingroom, they got a litter box on the dinning room table and two more on the floor right under it and they still eat there.)...but that wouldn't give me the satisfaction I seek...
...If yall got ideas...lets me know...


SyphonBlack said...

Have a good cry tonight. Everyone needs one every now and then. After that, dry your eyes and keep moving forward. You baby girl needs you to be strong.

You have a nice writing style... Keep it up.. Plan on reading your post everyday.

SyphonBlack said...

Don’t go down the revenge path. Just say “fuck it” and move on. “KG” will need you long before you need her. But this is just my opinion. Or, you can just hit her crib with a tactical nuke!

Anonymous said...

.... i thought it was called Winchells Donuts?

but dont hold me to that. everybody knows a nigga like me is TERRIBLE with spelling... i could be Windells, my black ass... ive seen them shits all my life and could still have it wrong. i dont be payin attention.

- OJ

Anonymous said...
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Jenny said...
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Jenny said...

It was my bad it's actually called Kindle's. It's on the corner of Normandie and Century and Another on Manchester and La Cienga....