Friday, October 15, 2004

"jump in the air stay there..."

this parties for Jen....

just waiting to see if g-pops can spare some change for a sista to buy her self a car and get her L's back.

My's Little legs with big Hearts Walk is Tommorrow so I gots to get up early to take her. Then WG2 (white girl two, my co-worker) is having a "Naughtygirl party " so I'll be attending that function.

What's a trip is since Vero and i had our fallen out....Me and WG2 have gotten real close. She's one really cool chic. Even though I generally don't trust the pinks, I think I like her. I keep her at a distance...because you never know when a sista might have a "slavery flashback" but she and I are cool.

Neither one of us like WG1. she is such a fucken I-went-to-a-private-all-girls-college-and-I-have-to-always-speak-in-the-most-annoying-high-pitched-voice-because-I-have-to-hide-the-fact-that-I'm-a-backstabbing-bitch type white girl.

WG1 had the nerve to tell me one day "I'm basically black because I listen to Outkast" I had the ultimat look of disgust on my face and I could feel my hand balling up the way that oprah's character Sophia did in The Color Purple. I started to feel a tinge of perspiration on my forehead, and I suddenly had a headache, I was just about to cuss the white caked on make-up off her face when our boss walked in and saw my distruat look and broke the "almost" bitchslapping up.

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jirzygurl said...

OMG... I think their are chicks like WG1 everywhere. A girl I used to happy hour with from work told me she grew up in the hood because her house was attached to someone elses. I so know the feeling of wanting to haul off and smack the shit out of pinks that say stupid ish just trying to be down... aaarrrgh