Wednesday, October 20, 2004

I'm doing monkey flips.

ok. So I haven't posted since last Friday.

Friday I got a call from Judge Joe Brown's Producer. The lady is interested in putting my story/case on the show. so we'll see how that goes.

My granps sent me some $. So I could possibly have a car by the end of next week. I actually saw a Nissan Maxima that I was loving the other day. I think I might have one of my uncles or some man go look at for me...It was cute. But cute doesn't mean dependable.

I was contemplating moving to Lancaster (it's like the Mojave desert area, about an hour and 45 mins from where I live now). So I had my aunt searching for apartments for me. She had found one. A two bedroom, with a fire place and a garage and it was hella big for only 620.00 a month. It was a duplex and the couple in the other half would've been my favorite little (he's not that little he's 6'2 and about 225lbs. and 20 years old) cousin and his girlfriend. And I had gotten a job offer from this school out there. SO I was geeked.

Then I found out that the apartment was really just a one bedroom with a hella big closet (I mean big enough for a toddler bed and a dresser and all of My's stuff...but it wasn't a room per se) and when I looked online there are 124 sex offenders (two of which were rated "3" or high) in the area that I wanted to move.

Then the job I got offered wanted me to teach the 2pm to 5pm class and the 6pm to 10pm class. Which means that My would've only had to be at day care for really one and a half hours because my aunt gets off of work at 2 and so she could keep her from 3:30 until 10. But I would hate not being able to put her to bed. And the school that offered me the job didn't really have too much history. It's JUST opening... brand new. SO that scares me. The area of Post secondary schooling is tricky that way, you have to be careful...not all schools last. So after inhaling all that I wasn't sure about Lancaster anymore.

SO in the middle of me contemplating my move to the desert, the school I had applied for umpteen months ago called me. They want me to come teach there ASAP!!!! More $!! closer to home!!! closer to my daughter's daycare!!! Closer to the private school she'll be going to in the next six months!!! closer to my nephews and sister!!! better hours (8am to 12 and then 1 to 5pm) and they have REAL Benefits!!!!! I'm so excited...

Finally I have good things to report. Ya'll knows it's been a long while since I've had good things to say about the world.

Toni,Tone Tony should be held accountable for those poor people that believed "It never rans in Southern California" the shit is pouring down hard as I don't know what outside. I mean we do need the rain. It hasn't rained in six months. My cousin came from Central America has been visiting since April and she said just last week "it hasn't rained the whole time I've been here" and suddenly we're in the middle of "STORM WATCH 2004" Cali does it big on the news when it rains!!! that's all that matters. Whether it's two drops or the waterfalls that we've been getting these last few days....Our news is DRAMA filled.

But this storm we're in The middle of is serious. The freeways are flooded, folks building are caving in...God knows how to let you know he disapproves....rain, sleet, snow, hail, volcanos, hurricanes, earthquakes, mud slides, fires,....he will let you feel it.


legs said...

Congrad's I am so happy that things are starting to look up for you and yours.

kiesha said...

ditto what legs said. maybe all that shit happened for a reason.