Tuesday, August 03, 2004

the crazy came out

So I went to the club again on Sunday. Yes three times in a two month period does make me a regular. There was a 500 Jamaican-me-crazy contest. Those women in there are super slores!!! One heffa pulled her dress up and showed her moosey to every person there. It was horrific.

I didnt' get to drink since I met Muq there...ok I didn't get to get drunk but I drank.

I met another guy. Even though I was on some whole"I don't date" shit. I was not giving out the digits for nobody. Until i started talking to the most handsome face I had seen all night. He is such a cutie.

On some really shit though, I have got to stop talking to men. I have to stop giving my number out. I am on a boyfriend search. no more just playin the field.

TB has began to show his crazy. His ass has called me like 49999023 times. Is starting to ask me abrasive questions (where you at, where you been, who you wit?) like we in love, or sleeping together or some shit!!!

Catchacase came by on Friday. We watched Bourne Supremacy, you know his ass is the bootleg king, and went to sleep. I am totally on some half-assed cellibate shit this month. I didn't do nothing wit the boy. Believe me or call me a lying ass hoe but for true, no sexing was going down Friday night... My flag was up anyway, so even if I wanted to, it wasn't cracking.

My is amazing. Her little ass comes up with new funny ass shit to do everyday. Everydamn day!! Her little ass is doing crazy I think I'm so grown type shit. the other day she comes out the bedroom with my bra on, like a back pack, and her sunglasses and one of my purses on her arm and my cellphone to her ear being held up by her minature ass shoulder and she goes straight to the door. Like she on her way somewhere. I say "Where you going My?" and she looks at me from under her sunglasses as if she wanted to say 'what the hell you asking for?' So I say " Never mine, see you later." and her little ass goes on and tries to open the door.

Don't have kids unless you have a good sense of humor and patience.
Muq should never have kids. Her ass ain't learned the art of "chillin" as of yet.

I still have not spoke to Rickroc.

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Duchess said...

That is soooo adorable! How old is your daughter?