Wednesday, August 04, 2004

freak of the week

alas, I'm in love again, trust I'm using the word in it's loosest terms.

Yesterday, Hernandez, the guy that I met on Sunday at the club, Came over to vist with me. He is such a sweetie. Such a sweetie. I am so smitten with him. He's older than me but he is just a gem. He has a daughter that is just 9 years younger than me, but we can work around that...can't we?

We're supposed to hang out again this Friday, even though I was to go to Las Vegas, with crazy ass Kaos. He invited me on Saturday but I ain't talked to his fast crack talking ass since then, so it seems that I won't be going. CT, my boss, agreed to watch My but I don't want to take her and then don't end up going anywhere...that's a bunk because I need to be careful with my babysitting coupons. Especially since my baby daddy told me that he is moving to Mississippi to go to school, prolly some two year know his dumb ass been in Jr. college for the last seven years....not a lie....

I am officially cutting down my man managing to Two men. Just TWO!. That'll be Rent and Hernandez. I give up on the rest. I don't see any other reason for the others. Eventually I want to shorten it to just know I'm slippin on the come up, I just known his ass three days and I'm trying to cut my hoes for him... I have to keep Rent though because if what I remember is accurate he has multi-orgasmic skills. I know he and I only had sex once about a year ago, but I recall it vividly. There goes my cellibate-ness. POOF! out the window...just like I said it would. If Hernandez can do what Rent can do....LORD, LORD, LORD! Just the thought....Me and him will end up in married, in Belize, with two more babies.

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