Thursday, January 02, 2014

Ifs official.

 Deep inside me I feel a sad lonliness. 

I have friends around me and family... Surrounded by so much love. But inside me I feel empty and sad. 

I am destined to be alone. As I looked back at my failed relationships, I realize, I am not supposed to be with anyone. I am better off alone. 

And that's how ill end up. 

Old fat ugly cat lady. 


Karenne Brown said...

Jane, I know you don't know me. My single moms group at church was about this very subject. Isolation is deadly. Pray, cry out to God. He will be there for you. I know it's difficult, sometimes it feels darn near impossible. I know how you feel right down to the failed relationships and not feeling like there will ever be anyone for me. But I know God has greater for me and you than this. Pray!!

belle said...

Hi Jane, I hope you plan to keep blogging. I've been following your blog for over 7 years now, and although I don't comment, I do love hearing updates on you and your daughter. Take care.

JANE said...

Thank you both for you love! I really do appreciate it.... I will definitely write an update... actually I will start posting much more!