Thursday, May 30, 2013

Land of Lincoln

Things have changed so much fir me in the last few months. I'm on my iPhone at work so this will have to be a list post. 

*I finally broke up with VH1 and I don't know what took me so long...I love him; but we are not for each other.... That's it. He still calls MY everyday. They've gone on daddy daughter dates.... It's cute and saddening at the same time.

*I've been traveling to the Land of Lincoln every week for the last five months.... Working on a stupid project for work. I have so much time wasting sitting at my desk rotting from the inside brain is dying, thus I am blogging again. I'm blogging to regenerate my brain.

* Since  I'm traveling, and VH1 moved out,  my mom came to stay with me until MY is out of school. She is the best wife ever. I swear I wish I could keep her with me. She cooks and cleans and irons... She's the best.... But she's still my mom and wants to tell me what to do and has suggestions about every facet of my life. Sigh.

*I'm going on my first vacation by my self thus weekend... Should prove interesting.  I'm not nervous, I just feel like this is how the rest if my life will be. Me alone in coffee shops reading philosophy books on my iPad mini, pretending not to be embarrassed that I'm alone in the middle if the day.

* I saw, scratch that, had a continuation of a one night stand with Flores this weekend. I love him and hate him in the same breath.

*barbershop still calls me and texts me. I've stopped answering. He's married with children and his wife is beautiful. I've told him many times that I am not interested in being the other woman. Why would he want to cheat in that beautiful girl he has? Men are so stupid. 

*i have so much to share. Just wait.

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