Monday, September 17, 2012

another day another dollar...literally.

at work today i got some mail... my company credit card...

as bipolar as my boss is, for some reason i feel this is a set up.

they's a coming fa me.

do they really trust me with it? i mean as of right now the only true debit i have is my car... and i'm about 4 months away from finishing to pay that off... but in a real life type way a sista is super LOW LOW middle class.

like if someone fucks up and i miss out on a check...MY and i both will be dancing on the this company giving me a damn line of credit in the amount that they did is re-dunkulous!

it feels like i have something illegal in my purse now. i have to carry this around with me?
so being the scaredy cat that i am i put it in a top secret hidding spot...wink wink...(watch my retarded ass forget where i put it when i need

do they trust me with it? i feel like im going to try to book my hotel night and it's going to be denied, like "that's a fake company credit card bitch..they didn't give you the real deal."

ESPECIALLY since i gave myself box braids this weekend. you know box braids amazes, confuses and pisses white people off all in the same instant...

i do intent on taking them out before i fly to Illinois next month...corporate is corporate and white is white.

guess ill go since vh1 is pretending to read his book but is actually reading over my shoulder....

PS I love my Macbook... lets call her Shaniqua... the

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