Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hey YOU...it's me Jen!

finally got a home computer.... i feel like i woke up out of the dark ages... and not only do I have a new computer, I have a MacBook...so proud so proud... This of course means it will take me quite awhile to get use to the ins and outs of this thing; being that I am was a PC lover.... I will try to not use the Macbook switch as my excuse for not posting. I have not been posting or reading... I need some good words in my life again. I need some stimulating vocabulary. Some tantilizing (how do I right click on this thing?*spell check?) snippets. Where are all my writers? are you all still out there? Well if you are, I am back. Happily. Here's a (purposefully) brief update on me: *I'm 31 now. *Still pushing pills....even though I long for a more artistic field...I'm thinking of moon lighting as a make up artist. *MY is 9 years old now...YES! 9! can you believe that shit? 9...attitude and think she fly and all... wooo that girl is something. *I'm still with VH1 even though I know... I probably should... a whole other post for a whole other time. *I'm still in my big ass apartment in LA. Now it doesn't seem so big since there's a grown man here ALL the time. Im never here alone except when he's at the "studio" where ever that is..or means ...or whatever the fuck. *I've truly been contemplating moving to Florida....if I could find work there...I'd be there ASAP. *I've got some secrets.... *miniscing grin (where the shit is the right click?) Well like I said I need to make it brief.... I want to write a post about why I think someone is trying to JUMP me...real shit.

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