Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My real life experience with RPG Show. Part 1

Before buying an RPG Show wig I spent a lot of time on the internet (mostly GOOGLE and lurking in the drama filled “Hair Forums”) researching and watching TONS of YouTube videos and really trying to get a feel for the company. After careful consideration, I decided to take the plunge.

This is my story. (I am in no way affiliated with RPG show other than being a paying customer.)
When I was looking to purchase I had not really seen a full out complete and total EXPERIENCE!!! So I am going to write my ENTIRE experience… so…this will be a LONG post…so beware!

Thursday March 8, 2012:
I went online (using my iPhone) and purchased a stock wig=
Model number ELS119-S
Color: 1B
Length: 14 inch
Texture: yaki
Lace color Medium Brown
Cap Type: Full lace Glueless cap.
The cost was $328. I paid through my pay pal account.
Immediately I received an order confirmation email.

Friday March 9, 2012 (one day after initial order)
I send an email asking whether I would be receiving an ETA of when my wig will arrive?
Ten minutes later, I received an email stating that they have started the process and I will receive an email with a tracking number shortly.

Monday, March 12th, 2012 (two business days after initial order, 4 physical days):
I sent an email asking for the tracking number for my order.
I received another email stating that they take 5 business days and my order may ship out next week.

Thursday March 15th , 2012 (five business days after initial order, 7 physical days)
I go on to the RPGSHOW Face book website and notice that there are several ladies complaining about not receiving a tracking number….
So, I immediately get nervous. I go into insane Google lady. I google “rpgshow issues”, “rpgshow complaints”, “rpgshow customer complaints”….finally I get a link to a consumer complaints website that was posted on the same day….come to find out. The manufacturer of the glueless cap was backordered (a situation I am EXTREMELY familiar with being that I work in the pharmacy drug field- Manufacturer isn’t able to meet the demand = customer suffers= distributor (RPGShow) looks bad). The website also had a statement from RPGshow promising that the glueless caps were back in stock and would be shipping immediately.

I was HIGHLY disappointed that RPGShow couldn’t just email me and tell me that. So I wrote a post on their Facebook wall letting them know I was pissed at them…. A customer will less anxious if the just KNOW the situation.

Saturday March 17th, 2012 (seven business days after initial order, 9 physical days)
I get a response to my FaceBook post that my product has shipped and that they sent me an email.
I check my email, nothing from RPGShow.

Sunday March 18,2012 (since this was Sunday I will still consider it Seven business days after initial order)
I respond on Facebook as letting them know that I have not received any emails from them

Monday, March 19, 2012 (eight business days and 12 physical days after I ordered my unit)
I get an email with my tracking number.
I track the package and SURPRISE it was already here in California… should be shipped today.

***When I got home IT was there!!!


Lisa Versace said...

Thx for sharing your experience.I would like wigs but do not know which to choose.

Brielle Collins said...

There's a wig on RPGshow that i would like to purchase, but i'm extremely nervous! I've read a lot of bad reviews about them. Some customers claimed to have never received their order(s),the hair they received didn't look like what the model had, or the hair would just be a hot mess, but maybe it's because they don't take proper care of it? My hairdresser recommended to go through them for glueless lace wigs because she says they're the best. She already ordered 2 wigs from them and never had any issues and she said received her hair within 2-3days. She gave me hope and even though yours took extremely long for you to receive it you give me hope, too.

Nikki Crowder said...

So were your happy with your wig? I'm thinking ordering one.

Anonymous said...

Rpg is not as professional as when I starting ordering from them. I recently ordered a custom wig I purchased on January 23rd I received my wig between March 22-23. My order was incorrect they ripped me off on the density as well not bleaching the entire cap, frustrated from the long wait I tried contacting them no response till I decided to stay up late and message non stop and call them. The communication is poor and she tried to make me believe the order was correct till I explained with proof I'm not gullible. She then apologized and said if I return they will give me a thicker unit than I originally ordered and will fix the unit. But my trust has been lost as their units are expensive and I feel scammed. So I know longer will ever do business and requested my full refund and will give them back their product asap.

Fede said...

And how was the unit at last? is it worth the time you wait? I want order an custom wig from RPGshow but I hear a lot of bad experiences with this company