Monday, December 15, 2008


fortunately, i am completely legal. i have a driver's license and car insurance.
unfortunately, i still don't have my car.

fortunately, i have great friends like kinkos who came to get me take me to my other home girls birthday party at this kareokee bar on friday night (gees that was SOOOO fun...)
unfortunately, i got so drunk that i was throwing up alll saturday morning.

fortunately, kinkos spent the night, so she took me to the rental car place in the morning of saturday.
unfortunately, the first rental car place (the cheapest) would not let me rent a car because I didn't have a major credit card, only a debit card...bollocks!

fortunately, kinkos took me to the dollar car rental and i got a car there.
unfortunately, it was $20 more per week.

fortunately, i was able to go get some food and a few christmas items
unfortunately, i was lazy and didn't get my christmas tree yesterday and today it's raining.

fortunately, i convinced vh1 to go with me to my families christmas party on saturday.
unfortunately, they're all crazy so they may run him off! lol

fortunately, i found the cutest red dress EVERY to wear to my christmas parties this year (yeah ....I just wear the same dress to all...since they're with completely different people!!!)
unfortunately, I haven't found anything for my daughter to wear yet.

fortunately, i have a great guy who loves me, a daughter who is an awesome super star in training, a huge apartment with a garage, a family that has thier own issues...but knows how to pull it together when things are tough, a job that pays the bills and leaves me with money left over to save, i have great the middle of my madness... there is a little peace and silence to help me maintain my sanity....praise God for that.


Young woman on a journey said...

awe..that's cute.

yeah, that car rental cc requirement is bs. they made my friend leave an extra $200 deposit cause all she had was a debit car. bs i tell you!

Nina said...


Trish said...

Good friends always come through for you. Oh and I will keep my fingers crossed that your fam really doesn't scare off vh1. Ha ha!

Lil Honey B said...

I am in the same predicament(sp) as you. Sort of. I am paying up the wa-zoo for tickets so that I may obtain my license, and then (hopefully) find a car.