Wednesday, November 05, 2008

my little peice of american history.

studios called me around 4 in the afternoon, to tell me to come over after work for wine and to watch the results of the election come in. i told her i'd be by around 630.

afterwork, i went to my fathers to pick up my daughter. he and his family (his wife and stepdaughter) were gathered around thier flat screen in the living room, drinking cocoa out of mugs with tiny floating marshmellows on top, bundled up in blankets on thier beige colored leather sofas. i flashed a big smile at the number 103....He's winning, I thought.

once i got to studos she and t2 were pacing the livingroom waiting for results. i couldn't hide my excitement at the number 207.

t2 asked us to go get pizza while he watched the kids.

we stopped to get our free starbucks and ran into a jabber jawed possible crackhead former classmate that held us up for about 10 minutes. we continuted on to get pizza.

studios and i stood in line at the $5 dollar pizza place, when my cellphone rang. it was vh1.
"babe! it's happening. your boy he did it!"
"What do you mean?! What's the numbers?!"
"he's at 297.."
"What...what's the number..."
"'s 297"
"I'm telling you, I'm watching election central...297!"

I tell studios, "he's at 297!"

A Hispanic customer came into the pizza place and said "Obama is our new president!!" His eyes were red.

Studios yells out, "Oh my GOD!" Her eyes filled with tears.
She ran outside the $5 pizza place and screamed! She jumped up and down screaming...tears running down her cheeks.

People driving down La Brea Ave started blowing thier car horns and waving their arms out the car windows, people were yelling. the little kids in a car next to ours began yelling "OBAMA OBAMA OBAMA!"

it wasn't real.

tears just ran down my cheeks. id hung up on vh1 by mistake with all the excitement.
my sister called.... "Jane. It's like I really have hope. Like real hope..." Tears continuted.
my mother called whispering "Jane...I am so excited...I'm not finishing counting ballots...we can't be biased in the elections office...but I had to call you and let you know how happy I am!" more tears.

vh1 called again "where areyou?!!!"
"getting pizza still."
"call me when you get home..."

studios and i grab the pizza and hop in the car. we take the long way home wanting to see the faces of folks. people were legitmately happy. horns blowing jummping arms waving.

we got back to studios apartment, t2 was sitting in "his chair" staring at the tv. he didn't even really acknowledge us when we walked in. "this isn't real" he says finally.

studios and I turn on Michael Basdin and begin dancing and screaming out from her terrace.

vh1 comes by. He grabs me and kisses me. we swear it's new years eve. he tells me "i had to be with you. i had to spend this momment with you. that way forever when we think about this momment we'll think about each other." more tears.

vh1 and t2 went out on the terrace. they had guy things to discuss. studios and i could tell by the looks on their faces this was something big to them. they both looked blown away. this was t2's first election he actually participated in. he told me he felt proud to be an american. more tears.

this is a beautiful momment for americans. not black americans, american people.

we are living in historical momment. not just reading about it.... folks are motivated. ready to do shit. ready to sign up for a new american experience . ready to actually be apart of it.

It ain't gon change tommorrow. he's not "super obama" but i really believe he is a move in the direction of "super america"


Undeniably...Deep aka Tina-B said...

2 times for Barack Obama!!!

Change is on the way!

Nina said...

i'm just glad it's not jesse jackson...

no like for real.

i think he's a black man we can be proud of.

i'm glad i'm living in a time where this is possible.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

i can say president of the undited states of america. now the real work begins cause most folk a Pay check away from a pink slip

Monie said...

Great post. I think the whole world shifted on 11/4/08.