Monday, September 08, 2008

Things I've lost.

* I lost $550. I had it in a money order, in an envelope on the top of my dresser. I remember picking it up. I remember holding it in my hand. I remember throwing out the trash in a rush...I think I threw away $550. The reciept in still attached. $550 lost. Half of my rent...gone. so sad. That's it. Can't cry over spilled milk. Just gotta keep on pushing and learn from my mistakes.

* I lost a piece of my tooth. I was kissing Vh1 and our teeth clicked and my tooth chipped. It sounds way worst than it isn't visible with the naked eye, but I can rub my tongue across it and feel it. I don't see any further damage but I will be going to the dentist just in case...I knew this guy in high school, who was FINZNE. I don't even really know why or how he and I became friends. But everyday he and I would sit next to each other on the bus. When I got my car, I asked him if he wanted a ride, since we got off at the same stop... for his prom he had his braces removed, and two days later a piece of his front tooth fell off from an accident he had either while the braces were on or before they were put on. He was sooo ashamed. He came to me at lunch and asked me if I could leave early and take him home. he had this crazy look on his face and was covering his mouth. I had to ditch school (he was 18 and could leave whenever he felt) and meet him in student parking. we drove home in silence and finally he showed me his tooth. I wanted to BURST into laughter but didn't. I could see he wanted to cry. I never told anybody about that....I did call him Chipper for the rest of the year. It was our little secret.

*I lost time this morning doing my hair; but, It is so CUTE today. I have it part in the center and feathered backwards....HOT!

*I lost my mind when I listened to Ne-yo's CD. Why is Ne-yo's new CD the bizness? Is that just my opinion or is everyone else feeling it like me? Uhhh and that new song by John Legend and Fine ass Andre 3000? That mess is beatin'!
OOOOO and Al Green's !!!! CLASSIC!

*I lost all respect for my cellphone. vh1 has that new phone the instinct, it is soooo cute. I spent more time playing with it then him. .. I want one! His fingers are too big anyway!

*My friend's mother will be cornrolling MY's hair.. yeah! something I can not do! saves me 10 minutes in the morning!

*My mom will be out here next weekend....she will met my new love....or maybe not....I will gage whether I'm even ready for all that, this week.

* I came to work to day with only $5. I need gas to get home and I need to eat...what do I do? I will put the $5 in the tank and use the change in my car to buy a 0.69 burrito, from del


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Chris said...

Losing that 550...ughhh...I'm really sorry.

Monie said...

Oh, losing that money order would have made me weep for at least 7.5 days.