Monday, September 22, 2008


* my daughter is 5 years old.

* she will be 6 in three months.

* After care is $30 per month.

*Lunch is 1.35 a day ($40.50 a month)

*Her school shirts are $3.99 each (39.99 for two weeks worth)

* The blue grey and purple Jordans I just brought her were $57.99

*Five pairs of those cute little slip in canvas shoes the girls are wearing now at Walmart for $8 each so that's ($40).

* Three of those hoodies with the designs all over them at $12.99 ($38.97)

* Four pairs of shorts, three pants, three skirts ($69.99)

*Her Cornrows ($25.00) Every two to three weeks.

*Doctor visits ($35.00)

Why did I recieve my daughter's first child support check for a WHOOPING 26.22 on Saturday?! What may I ask is that going to pay for?


Anonymous said...

gosh. does he feel guilty about that? $26.22?!

Jane said...

NOPE matter fact he's disputing it!

Monie said...

No he is NOT disputing it???!!!

I sometimes wonder if the child support systems will ever work for the one person it's supposed to work for -- the child!

Nina said...

Disputing it!!!???!!!

*Greases face*
*Takes off earrings*

I read an article in Elle Magazine about struggling folks taking care of children. It is really really tough. I commend real.

Undeniably...Deep aka Tina-B said...

Trust its harder than we make it seem. I know first hand exactly what you're going through, J. But dont worry, your daughter will love you no matter what cuz she knows you are doing EVERYTHING for her.

I got 2 boys (8 & 3...almost 4) and I get child support too. But take them $26, cuz somethimes my checks are like $8. It took them 8 (or 26) to send it to you!!! But trust, those $26 will pay for the car ride to the store and back home, when you spending the REAL money that YOU making.

And again....
Its ALL worth it!

Keep up the good work, mommy.

From one mom to the next.

Jane said...

Monie: Yes, he is. HE claims he can't afford it and that it's causing him a financial hardship. NO LIE.

Nina: Even though I'm not necessarily a stuggling single mom... Being the ONLY parent she has is hard. EXTREMELY difficult. There's no one to "confer" with. No one to "have my back" on issues. It's just me against her.

Trina: I'm putting you on my list of people to refer my parenting questions to....too late you're already on it!

I blame myself.
Who else is there to blame?
I had a baby with someone that turned out to be an irresponsible, lazy, fascade of a man.

Sha Boogie said...

Get the fudge pop outta here! Wow..that ain't even getting her a biggie size at McD..

I told my bf that if he knocked me up we was going right to city hall, you aint getting away that fast! lol

Khoney330 said...

Jane, I know that's real! You could have bought your daughter 1 hoodie. That's all you can do with that. But get a few of them and just open a savings account for emergencies. Man! WTH!

Don said...

I'm speechless. I'd be embarrased to tell anyone that I give my child $26.22 per month, and he's disputing it?

Wait, doesn't he also buy her stuff on the principle alone?