Monday, September 22, 2008

Diary of my life.

Friday- I went to visit my sister and her new baby at the hospital....My goodness she is the cutest little baby girl! She has long eyelashes that curl to the sweet. Vh1 came over once we got home and we had pizza night.

Saturday- I took MY to her dads. Vh1 went to "run errands" whatever that means? I went to a babyshower for Sonystudios, babydaddy's youngest sister. LOL sound like a hot mess huh? Well the girl doesn't really have a lot of friends so she sonystudios asked me to come to make it look like more was a pretty good turn out though.... like 10-15 people. It was nice. Sonystudios babydaddy, timmypoo. His family is really cool. Sonystudios is really blessed to marry into such a great family.

Afterwards. vh1 and I went on to see LAkeview Terrace...Samuel is Scarey as I don't know what! It was a pretty good movie I felt.

Then we went to Versailles, the one in Culver City instead of the one in Beverly Hills like we did last time. It wasn't that good. The Salmon was dry and Vh1's whole red snapper was really small. I had a migraine that had me feeling nauceous. Why was there a man with a curled handle bar mustache at the table next to us....pure comedy!

Vh1 took me home, I took my migraine medicine and it was better, not gone just better. Vh1 got to acting silly and had me laughing so hard I was in tears!! Needless to say my migraine got better.

We stayed up until 3 in the laughing at him. He is too funny...I swear.

Sunday morning I went to pick up MY. Then MY and I went and brought groceries.

I came home and made steak burritos....they were DELICIOUS! so Good that I brought one to work today!

That's it... Next weekend is Vh1's birthday.
I took off Friday and Monday for an extended Vacation! lol.... I know he's prolly going to go out one day with his buddies... (do people still say buddies? what about Boyz, that's what I had typed at first... hum...anyways) on Sunday I'm taking him to brunch at Shanghai red (my favorite resturant) and I brought him a copy of Iron Man (the first movie we ever went to see).

That's it...I'm hungry.

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