Monday, August 25, 2008

My weekend...once again.

Friday: My cousin's wife turned 50. So he had a BIG party for her.
I was sooo cute!! I wore a black floor length tube dress with a silver pendant in the center of my breast. black high heels with one strap around the ankle and one across the toe. I wore my
hair long with a part on the side and the side in my face was flipped to the side. I wore charcoal colored was too cute...I will post a pic. HAHA my cousin's wife had a good time too. lol

Late Night Friday: I went to the bar on the corner by my house and had a drink and watched the pool tornement.

Saturday: Stace dropped by around 11. Vh1 and made her and her son breakfast (waffles, eggs and bacon, and mimosas) Then we watched Hard 8. Such a great underated movie.
I cooked dinner (rice, pork chops and tomato soup) that night and knocked out like I was

Sunday: Vh1 and I went to eat at Versailles, this cuban food resturant....Grilled salmon and rice DELICIOUS!! Then I brought MY some uniforms....LORD how I love uniforms!

WHOHOO such an eventful
What did you do this weekend?

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