Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I weigh 155 pounds.

SO because this is 25 more pounds then the day that I went into labor with my daughter, this is completely unorthodox to me.

I have back fat. My back fat rubs against my bra.

I have love handles.

I wear a size 9/10 and my jeans are tight.

My ankles are swollen everyday when I get home.

My toes look like little sausages.

My thighs look like I'm having an allergic reaction, from all the lack of muscle tone.

A pair of pants that I brought on the 4th of July that were WAY to big; now, fit me nice a snug.

My naked breast touch my belly.

Theres a thick ring of fat around the top of my knee.

Instead of Kane's Workout plan, I'm doing the Jane's Workout plan

How I plan to eliminate the jelly roll:

1. I take a weightsmart woman's daily vitamin.

2. I take a fat burner capsule 30 minutes before every meal.

3. I have excluded all sodas.

4. I hate water but...I am only drinking water during the day.

5. I have cut back to one cup of coffee per day.

6. I do 100 sit-ups per day.

7. I do 50 squats per day.

8. I do a twenty minute workout everyday.

9. When school starts back on Tuesday, I will be walking MY to school three mornings a week.

10. I signed MY up for a mommy and me ballet class.

I'll keep you abreast to my progress.


Monie said...

Get it girl! You can do this.

Young woman on a journey said...

this sounds like a damn good plan!

Khoney330 said...

I say everything is good EXCEPT that fat burner. Leave that thing alone. As long as you do cardio and toning you'll burn all the fat you need. Those pills will make you heavier in the end. Take it from someone who's been there.

Moody Gemini said...

Good luck girl! You can do it!

Eb the Celeb said...

Ok your making me feel bad because that's right about my weight and I havent had any kids

yeah and I got the back fat too... I already stopped drinking soda... havent touched the stuff since college... but I really gotta get back in the gym... as much as I drink... I'm starting to look like homer simpson and that is so NOT a good look... so I definitely gotta get me a work out plan together

Sha Boogie said...

I dunno why I giggled when I read 'i will keep you abreast'.. oh, I know, because you said your breast touch your stomach, tee..hee...mine too!

Nina said...

haha...chocolate hippo

E said...

lol im laughin at the same thing as nina.

im tryna lose weight too. so far i'm down 4 lbs but i havent weighed myself in a while.

good luck with your plan. are you taking comparison pics?