Monday, July 21, 2008

I had such a wonderful weekend!

Thursday night i went to dinner with Mr.wonderful. it was nice. I told him about vh1. He says he's not dating anyone yet. Funniest thing? I wasn't feeling him like I used to. that magnet we used to have is gone. He invited me to the fair. I said no. He understood.

Friday my friend Sonystudios pushed out the most beautiful little boy. He is simply adorable. He has grey eyes...what?! the ladies are going to be on him when he grows up. lol

Friday night, I did my own hair. It is really cute....I'll post a pic later. Vh1 didn't come over. It felt kinda weird because it's our routine. But I didn't trip.

Saturday morning I went to this beauty seminar, I got a lovely makeover and my make up done...I felt excellent.
Afterwards I went to visit Sonystudios and that beautiful baby for a few hours. Omg....I love new babies...Well other peoples new babies! lol
After the hospital I went to a BBQ at Barbershops new barbershop, they have one every Saturday. I had a good ole time. He and I are practicing just being "homies". He says "it's too soon for him, cause he feels like i kicked him to the curb." I told him to stop being a hoe and maybe it would've worked out.

Once I left there Vh1 and I started out going to see BatMan but once we brought the tickets and went to stand in line. The line was allllll the way around the building. So we just got a refund and went to eat.

Vh1 was acting all quiet. Not talking. Acting all monkey-like. I asked him what's wrong and he said nothing, but he kept acitng all quiet. I was getting irritated with him.... Damn libra's are so wishy washy.
When the recipt came, I picked it up and I was like "you want my half?"He gave me a look like I had slapped his face. lol. He says "give me your hands." I was like "what?" He says "give me your hands". So, I put my hands in his hands. He says smiling "don't you ever ask me about your half. I got your half. if i needed your half i'd ask you for it. don't ever ask me that sh!t again."

On our way home...
I say "what's up with you?"
He says, "Man, I just missed you. "
I say "you like me huh?"
He says "Yeah. A lot. you're really special to me."
I say "thank you, you're special to me too. But that doesn't mean you have to act all monkey with me."
He laughs. Then my friends, we went on to have "the talk"
What's so funny to me, is that he is really comfortable expressing his so much..... so as of Saturday night we are officially a couple.

Saturday night, I went out with the girls. We celebrated NDN's birthday...she turned 25 for the 6th time.

Sunday morning Vh1 and I laid around and watched movies. Then around 5p we went to Joe's Crab Shack. I love that place! They sang and danced and stood on tables... it was hot fun.

We stopped and brought some movies. "No country for old men", "Saw 4" and "Walk Hard".
I watched almost all of "No country for old men", and I fell asleep could be because Vh1 kept my Belvedere glass full, game me an awesome message and a few other I slept nice. Real nice.

Um.... I am here at work. Feeling peaceful.
How come everytime I go to get a cup of coffee there's only barely a cup full in there. Which means I have to make more or I look like an asshole? I hate it. So I made some earlier! I refuse to do it. I'm just suffer!


Young woman on a journey said...

congratulations! lol. sounds like you had an eventful AND productive weekend!

Chris said...

It's always good to know where you stand with someone; just make sure you find a way to return the favor to him...

Nina said...


Khoney330 said...

Yay!!!! I'm so happy for you guys! See! Toldja, that was your opening to have "the talk". I'm glad you guys talked and are a couple. I love love. I know I'm cheesy! LOL


jirzygurl said...

YAY!!! i love coupledom!! woo hooo!

She Needs said...

My fav song right now is "Please excuse my hands" by Plies.

Monie said...

JJJJJJJJJJJJ got a boyfriennnnnnnnd!

LOL! Congrats, babe...