Monday, May 12, 2008

mother's day questions.

What did I do for mothers day morning?
I woke up and had breakfast with e and my. talked to my mother for an hour on the phone. sent a massive world wide text message to all my girls telling them happy mother's day.

What did I do after breakfast?
e took my to the store and they brought me a card and flowers. then we all got dressed and went to e's mom's house. met his mom and cousins.

What did I do in the afternoon?
e, my and i went to e's cousin's house for a barbeque. met damn near his entire family.

What time did I leave the barbe que?
10 pm

Was I sleepy as heck this morning?

What am I doing now?
Standing here irritated with e because he called me and invited me to go bowling and now he's acting all indecisive. irritation is making my stomach hurt


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jirzygurl said...

lol @ fin.