Wednesday, May 14, 2008

drive-by blogging

* my bestfriend sonystudios is having her babyshower saturday...this mess is so last minute, i'm tempted to tell her i don't want to have nothing to do with it. oshe didn't know that the park charges $6 to park, so she didn't write that in the invitations, you have to reserve your spot at this park and it's wednesday and she hasn't reserved anything, she just brought decorations yesterday she still hasn't ordered the cake.
on top of all that is her attitude right now, if her eyes weren't already green, id tell her she's turned into the greeneyed bandit. its like its not a day to celebrate her baby coming she just thinking about the $ she could get. its light weight pissing me off.

* my newfound-old homegirl bonee told me today that she's bisexual today. not in a i-want-you-to-be-my-new-girlfriend type way, more in a i-love-my-ex-girlfriend-but-i-met-a-new-guy sorta asking for advice. now i have friends that are gay. but they've never asked my opinion on what to do with they're mates....i tried to think way out the box when i talked to her like it was two dudes we were talking about but in the back of my neck deep down i keep thinking?! What you want taco over sausage?! get outta here!

* i swear e is from another planet. where did i find him from?yesterday. he made me dinner. rubbed my feet and we watched a movie....sigh. he's the cream of the crop....

* dont' get me wrong i don't have blinders on with e. i see some things in the distance that could cause issues with us but right now they are little things. not big ones like he's married, small ones like he's not a planner- he goes on a whim. ya know... no plans, just "i'm going to the bar to watch the game. two minutes later, ima come pick you up go to the bar and watch the game. three minutes later. ima come to your house and watch the game, four minutes later something else...i am so in this momment i'm not even concerned about the next.... la la la la la.

* the shoes i wore to work today are satan's playthings.

* i can't wait to get paid. new tires. a tune up. and a new weave.... sigh.

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