Wednesday, April 02, 2008

My Dreams are Haunting me again.

Mid-post yesterday, I got a blow to the stomach.
Some other news that threw me right on back into my black hole. sigh... I am simply on the verge of giving up on life in general. I won't don't worry...I'm beyond taking the entire bottle of least I think I am....sigh. In the words of Ghetto Boys "I gotta little girl to look after, and if I die than my child will be a bastard". Not Bastard in the literal sense. But still all alone.

Well here's some other freaky stuff going on......

I had a dream that I was at home in my bedroom. I got up and I went into my purse to get my paycheck and it was for $400 less then it was supposed to be. I was pissed. There was some woman doing like a voice over in my dream saying "well, that’s what you get."
*The next day, I got a letter saying that they will be starting a 15% garnishment of my wages.

I had a dream that all my teeth on the lower left side of my mouth fell out and that in their place there was metal spikes sticking out.
* That morning my tire was on flat. There was a nail in it.

I had a dream that I was driving a car with no headlights in the dark. I was unaware that the headlights weren’t working. Other people could see but not me. Yet no one told me.
* Yesterday, I called my grandmother so that my daughter could do an April Fool’s Joke on her and my grandmother tells me "oh, I got a letter about a week ago in the mail that says you have an arrest warrant for $2000 for a traffic ticket from 2004. I forgot to call and tell you."


jirzygurl said...

deep... girl pay attention to them dreams! i just blogged about a dream that i had. hoping happier dreams for you in the future

Monie said...

Aw damn...