Friday, April 04, 2008

"My new love" poem.

I met him.
Chatted with him.
Gave my home telephone number to him.
Allowed my self to be enticed by him.
Called him.
Texted him.
Excepted an invitation of dinner from him.
Got dressed hoping to "catch" him
Smiled at him.
Laughed at him.
Batted eyes at him.
Held hands with him.
Giggled at him.
Conversed with him.
Saw myself actually being with him.
Kissed him.
Finger fondled with him.
Really kissed him.
Enjoyed being adored by him.
Had to step away from him.
Couldn’t let myself get caught up in him.
Sat back and contemplated the idea of him.
Allowed my breath to be taken away by him.
Had to stand up and step away from him.
Negotiate with my emotions about him.
Smiled at him.
Decided to go ahead and let whatever happens happen with him.
To be continued…with him?

1 comment:

jirzygurl said...

i love the last line! i mean i like the whole thing! nice work