Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Opinions are like assholes.

I use the “Opinions are like assholes” ideology when I discuss the sensitive subjects at work. It’s not that I am afraid to express my opinions. I have strong opinions about religion, politics, environment, economics, ethics, abortion, welfare and so many other issues that face our fair earth.

Before I voted today, in our Super Tuesday Election, I researched and I read about the issues. Not just who I would vote for, to eventually run for president, but about the Indian gaming laws and the cost per unit for Community Colleges….

I understand that as a Black woman in America our rights are so young. I represent the group of Americans that have had the right to vote in the least amount of elections

It’s just in my workplace, I just choose to avoid these conversations. I feel that I am to educated and to aware to allow myself to get into heated conversations with loud mouth metro-sexual co-workers about why he “just doesn’t like the sound of Obama’s voice”.

I choose not to put my self in a situation where I’m arguing with a fool. Cause you know what the say, from a distance you can’t tell which is which.

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E said...

i can agree with you on that. i've been in situations where people think they know what they are talking about when they're really just repeating what they heard someone else say. i don't get involved in that.

oh, and, are we calling you jane now? lol