Monday, February 18, 2008

Mylife in tidbits

* I just burnt my ground turkey....that's aiight it's still gon' be jammin' on the one.

* Valentines day was no spectacle. A little of this a little of that, nothing I'll remember next year.

* I have a friend that irritates me to the very core of my being. She has a boyfriend she's been with for a year and a half and he hasn't told her he loves her; because, he "doesn't know what love feels like"... sigh....I scream obscenities at her every time she brings him up in conversation. His name is not allowed at my house.

* MY started her ballet classes recently....may I say, that the young chic takes after her mother.... primaballerina! The teacher called me aside afterwards and commented on her abilities.

* Flores and My, have taken on a sarrogate father/daugther type relationship... Good for the both of them. Since the two of them have taken notice of each other...lil ole me has been thrown to the side... LOL. Honestly, I appreciate him giving her such a positive role model...ya know? But, can I get a lil mommy love?

*"You're not clean until you wash with soap"- something only a mother of a five year old has to say.... every day.

* I belong to one of those large black churches. I am a member of the praise team at one of those large black churches. My church hosted an event for Bishop TD Blakes last night, and I have to say that some of the young ladies on the praise team from another one of the LBC were not very cordial. That's all I have to say about that.

* I saw Mr. Wonderful today. It was the first time since the last time. It was at a stop light. We met eyes. No expressions just blinks. I felt a little sad all morning.

* My co-worker is an undercover DD (dookie dick). I wouldn't have a problem with it, if he'd just came out and said "Ay, yo I loves me some dick". Instead he makes up imaginary 18 year old girlfriends (that came come to dinner with us because she's too young) and all sorts of nonesense. Here's other little hints he gives: 1. He wears wigs randomly. 2. He snaps his fingers when he's excited. 3. He fans himself with his hand, breaking at the wrist. 4. He takes Midol for headaches. 5. He has panic attacks. 6. He "promotes parties" for a company that has the word "boys" in it. 7. He went to the KeithSweat concert last night. 8. He arches his eyebrows....better than mine I might add. I don't feel like finishing this list...but really do I need to?

* Let me introduce you to my new boots:

Aren't they fabulous!!! Sigh. I wish I could marry them.

* I must give it to myself, I was looking fly today. I knew it too. I love those days when I feel this way.... I wore my brown tapered blazer, my mellow-blue flowy dress that ties in the back and cris crosses in the front, my green, blue and brown boheiman bag and of course my brown knee high scrunchy boots, that tie in the back (shown above...really I just want you to admire how cute they are one more time). The boots have two little strings that hand down from the back of each boot, that make me feel, for some reason that I am working the run way! Oh... How I wish I could get the security tapes from my building at work....I worked the heck outta that walkway today!!!

Here's my purse:
*As you can see I didn't do a damn thing at work today, because both of the pictures above were taking during work hours!
*My space bar is trippin.
*My five year old's complaining that her fingers look like an old lady.
* All day today, at the end of my calls, I said to each customer "Happy Black History Month" it stunned the shit out of them all!
* Mahalo!


Nina said...


I wish you more of those days!

Monie said...

BWHAHAHAHAHAHAAA! Your co-worker is G to the AY!

This was a great post!

I am in love with the boots!

Sha Boogie said...

DEAD @ the whole blog!!...LOL!! I loved the randomness, fantastical!! Of course, the boots are flyyyyy! And I am mad at you for the 'black history month' good-bye's!


hahaah i love this post, the ending is even funnier