Tuesday, February 19, 2008

May your uterus, bladder or rectum never slip out of place.

Today I learned what a "pessary ring" is.

In my 8 years of pharmacy experience I had never heard term. So today I felt a little perplexed when a customer called in whispering looking for one. I had to ask him to spell it, since I had no knowledge of the item he complied. The item said "dropship" in the information bar. I explained "dropship" to the customer (they can order it through a wholesaler but the item comes directly from the manufactuer) and the customer seemed worried. He said there's no way I could get it tommorrow? I said well, I'm sure the manufacturer will ship it to you tommorrow but it is in addition to the initial product cost. He groaned, still whispering, ok, I'll call you right back.

My curiousity peaked. I had to know what it's used for.
So, I asked my DD co-worker (see previous post), and of course he knew.

WOW! I hope I never need one or you either.

It's used for support of the vagina, uterus, bladder or rectum. It's most commonly used in prolapse of the uterus (when the uterus "falls or slips out of place". It can also be used as a method of "unethical" abortion. It dialates the uterus to the point where....well ya know.



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omg, unethical abortion - super crazy...

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OMG! So happy I had lunch hours ago..that sound all kinds if icky..lol

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