Monday, November 12, 2007

"till you do right by me, everything you even think about gonna' fail"

i feel like someone beat the shit out of me today.
i had to call in sick to work.
i've been hugging the toliet all day today and yesterday.
my stomach has been doing freakin loopty loops all day.
this is what a bulimic person must feel like... my teeth fukkin hurt.
i swear i've lost 3 pounds over the course of today and yesterday.
i have chills and a headache.
what's really messed up is my daughter has it too.
we've been wrestling each other all day for the bathroom....
while i was lying in bed, trying to decide whether to write my will or not, i saw a story on the news that a stomach virus is going around. it's passed mostly when people use the bathroom and don't wash their hands and then contaiminate a door handle or directly touching some one else..

just that quickly and one can contract an illness. well i got it.
i feel like the death of the earth is upon me. so Please please non-handwashers

the Center for Disease Control and Prevention suggest the following steps to washing ones hands thoroughly:
1. remove all items that may be used as a resevoir for bacteria (i.e. jewlry, long shirts or jackets can be rolled up)
2. rinse hands in warm water.
3. apply antibacterial soap
4. scrub hands for a minimum of 35 seconds (the length of one verse of " happy birthday" or the ABC song)
5. rinse hands in warm water in a downward motion
6. dry hands
7. use napkin to turn off sink and open the handle of the restroom door.

if you ain't got the full minute it should take to perform this task...i wish the spitfire madness that is going on in my body on you. i'll prolly take that back later, but right now as i sit here listening to my stomach rumble and the flash of fear sets in over me as i try to decide which way is this explosion going to exit me...I wish it on all the non-handwashers, the way Ceelie cursed Mista (Albert) on the Color Purple.

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Monie said...

lmaooooooooooo hope you are feeling better!