Thursday, August 24, 2006

“Performing like an orgasm and my girl ain’t even cum yet.”

I have been a big music kick lately. I love Talib Kweli.

This weekend I didn’t talk to Flores all weekend. We kept missing each others phone calls. He has been working ten days in a row...tryna be on his hustle. He does do a good job of making sure I feel special, so… I can respect it.
We did catch up on Monday for lunch, that was nice. But he had to be at work at 3, so we only spent about 45 minutes….

Bobby’s ass is still calling me. I swear Ima call the po-lice on him!

My mom is coming out to California today from Florida. As a matter of fact, she should’ve been here already. She missed her plane at first this morning but she should be here by now.

I am so tired. I should be working but instead I’m listening to my yahoo launch radio and writing in my blog. I finished all my work for the week so today and tomorrow is going to be like this...not that I shouldn’t just create something for myself to do like make up some exams or a powerpoint or something. But I’m just being lazy.

If my job were on television, you never believe the shit we see. I am going to write a movie about it. Like that movie “Waiting” but it’ll be the story of working at a vocational school.

There was a student who came in here yesterday talking about his career goal is to be a Kung Fu fighter. A forty something year old grown ass black man.

Another student took a piece of cardboard and wrote on it in Sharpie pen, talking about it was her high school diploma.

On top of the fact that the students enrolled are fucken crazy…. I have a student who told me the other day she couldn’t come in to class on Monday because she was high on meth and prolly couldn’t keep still enough to concentrate.

The faculty ain’t no different though, There’s this one guy I work with that works in admissions that we call the Jugarnaut. His head is HUGE I swear he could knock down walls with it. He sings Al Green songs and calls himself “son of Andre”.

The other guy in there we call Pretty Ricky because I swear he thinks he’s in an usher video. Everyday is a chance to out dress his self from yesterday.

Then there’s the head of admissions, he’s Nino Brown cause his ass is the fuckin king pen over there. And he’s dark as Wesley Snipes was in that movie.
They call their office “Compton” They all have Nerf suction cup guns that they use to shoot you if you come in unannounced.

The Education department, where I work, is called “Inglewood” and we have wars everyday. We plan and strategize our attacks against them…The thing is we must plan carefully because we must avoid at all costs the president finding out or a student seeing.

I swear if it wasn’t for the president this would be the best job ever.


Moni said...

Umm Girl, where the hell you teach? It sounds like you have to go to work with a bulletproof jacket and a body guard!


LOL Oh my god, this reminds me of the days me and my homie used to work at our local College that we had gone to lol Why is it that workin the education systems theres always some crazy ass shit goin on? lol hhahha luvvvvvvvvvvvvv the nicknames!