Wednesday, August 30, 2006

"I'm bossy! I'm the first the girl to scream on a track..."

i have been just a busy little beaver these days! my mama is out here visiting...i love that lady!!! she is so sweet. she gave me some $ to buy MY some school clothes since my daughtersfather aint worth spitting if he was dying of thirst, but that's niether here nor there.

she also is planning on buying some condos out here in killacali so she says that she'll let me move in for about 950 a month! I am so happy!

my stepmom is selling me her car, so i can get rid of my bucket..yeeaaa!!!!!

flores is kinda trippin cuz i haven't really spoken to him spoken to him in a damn week. we've texted and that's cool but i wana hear his voice! i wana see his face!! i wana hump him... ok tmi but i do, so i did; but not with him with crazychris.

ok ok i know what yall are thinking...but, so what, the shit was stupendously fantastic. for the first time in 11 years ole boy had me bout to bust a blood vessel. excuse me if i get to deep but i mean where has he been hiding these skills? i was screaming, crying, laughing and euphoric all at the same time... A+++! i think its the fact he just moved to a new place that's pretty tight, i might add that gave him the freedom to express himself more freely. had i known he was holding out on me all this time i would have said yes to all those marriage porposals in the past. i would be married with 4 kids.

i went to the african marketplace this past weekend. i met a psychic who told me that i am too picky and that i am skeptical of all men. she told me that i need to work on my trust issues. she said that i'd meet a great love soon. she also said that i will be going to a wedding soon, not my own but mine will be happening. she said that i'd be going to on a trip in july of 2007 that will make me extremely happy. she also asked me if i'd ever had an abortion...i nodded and she said you feel guilty...pray and god will forgive you. i cried.

tonight i'm going to dub club with asha, kinkos and kung fu ninja (this guy that i work with) but i gotta teach until 10. so i'ma be extremely tired.



Isn't there a saying to not feeling guilty about your passed mistakes/decisions but the ones your going to make? I hope you don't feel guilty about that abortion you said you had, everything happens for a reason right? Picture yourself with that child what would have gone differently and would you be where you are today if you hadnt? Just think positive. Dont ever feel bad or have regrets - life is a lesson in itself.

Jenny said...

Thank you kikimia...That was really helpful