Tuesday, October 26, 2004

what've I been up to?

Seems that this hermit-life is the good life.

Friday I went to look at "my car". the more I see it the nicer it is. I gave the man a down payment and told him I'd be back on Saturday with the rest. So, I went home and didn't do a damn thing but watch the re-run of Americas Next TOp Model.

Saturday, Sony Studios took me to el banco; but, apparently there's some sort of problem cashing Michigan cashier's checks in California. Some sort of fraudulent dealings.... So Sony Studios took me home. To my surprise, I'd locked my self out of my house, which is strange because my Obessive Compulsive Disorder never lets me do that. So I had to break into my own house...again.

Does any State other than California get "Soul Train" on Saturday mornings? If so I am ashamed. I do not want The Soul Train to be the representative on how we party out here.

Saturday evening, my daughter's dad came to pick her up. So, I had no one to talk to. I decided to walked over to the video store and get a couple of movies (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind [great], Radio [great], and Girl interuppted [one of my favorites...duh!]), walked over to Savon's and got some Red passion Alize, and then to Subway and got something to eat.

I'm dating myself.

Sunday, My's dad brought her home and she and I walked over to McDonalds and got lunch. She semi-played on the indoor playground equipment and I realized that I am not having her birthday party at Bright Child like I thought I was because she simply doesn't care about playing on the equipment. We're going to have and old fashion at home in the living room party. Then we walked over to the little ladies store and I brought myself these great charcoal grey pants to wear to my interiew Monday. When we got home we watched Extreme Home makeover and simply went to sleep.

Monday, was a busy day for me. Sony Studios picked me up and I dropped her off at her job. She let me keep her car for the day. I guess I do have some good friends... I left work early, paid for my "new" car. Went on my interview, the woman spoke to me for about ten minutes and then offered me the job. Problem is they're having a problem firing the teacher that's already in the position. So I'll know for sure for sure by Friday...pray for me.

After the interview, I picked Sony Studios up from work and she and I went ot get my car. So I have a car now yeah!!!!

Things are looking good....even though it's raining madness out side. We californians ain't use to this.


Anonymous said...

Lord I pray that Jenny gets that Job, or one like it or better as soon as possible, in Jesus Name


legs said...

Lord, I also pray that Jenny gets this job or another more fabulous job!


Will said...

In Jesus' name...may Jenny be blessed with that job, Lord...and let Jenny know that Soul Train is on at 2pm here in NYC and we don't watch it, either...Thank you, Lord.