Monday, October 04, 2004

ok, this bitch is crazy...

note: this post is not for the faint at heart, children under 18 years of age, people who ain't got time to read the whole thing, people that think I could actually make up a story like this, people the are quick to say what they'd of did in a situation or for my moms if she's reading..skip ahead to the next blog...

I had the worst fucking weekend ever.
Worst than the weekend when my car got impounded, worst then the night my daughter's dad and I got in a fist fight, simply my worst weekend ever.

SO here's how it goes.
The club, my car and new friends?
friday 10/1/04 9pm I take My to her god mother's house to stay for the weekend. I get to my friend KG's house and pick up her sister kita so that kita and I can go to the club. We go to Joseph's in Hollywood. And end up parking 1020498210481 blocks from the club. When we finally hike to the club, from this parking lot, that kita claimed to be "not that far". We get inside and all is well. The music is great, the people are hot, the drinks is rite and Jenny's having a ball. There's some cute lite skin guy buying Jenny drinks all nite long. She's loving it. oops I mean I'm loving it. I tend to talk about my self in the 3rd person when I'm retelling stories.

saturday 10/2/04 1:20am: Kita complains to me that she has a headace and that she does not want to stay at the club and that she is not having any fun. She begs for the car keys to "go lay down". i give her the keys under the impression that she's going to go lay down while I was getting this guy's number. She leaves.

Where's my shit?
saturday 10/2/04 1:35am: I leave the club and walk the 1020498210481 blocks back the parking lot. the car and kita are not there.

saturday 10/2/04 1:45am: I walk back to the club. No kita. no car.

saturday 10/2/04 1:55am: I walk back to the parking lot. No kita. no car.

saturday 10/2/04 2:00am: I'm walking back to the club and This tall dark skin guy pretty cute I need to add asked me if I needed to use his phone because he saw that I had been walking back and forth on Hollywood and he wanted to know if I needed help. I use his cell phone to call kita's cell phone...a thousand times I try and there's no answer from her. over and over I'm calling her and she never answers. I'm leaving this bitch messages. over and over I call.

saturday 10/2/04 2:15am: The guy who by this time had told me that his name is M and that he's from up north (Oakland) and is down in LA visiting some family offers to give a ride back to the club instead of me walking the kabillion blocks back to the club. I turn down his offer because his friend is in the back seat passed out drunk and I'm just not one for getting tapped up and thrown in the trunk by some guy I just met. So instead I walk back to the club and he follows in his car (a silver, 2005 Cadillac Deville) alongside of me to "make sure I'm alright". He's letting me use his cell phone to continue calling kita, who is not answering.

saturday 10/2/04 2:20am: I get back to the club. No kita. No car. M refuses to leave me there with no transportation or cell phone, so he offers to let me ride around with him, to look for kita and my car. I'm desperate now and the club is letting out and the po's are all over the streets. So, I get in. dun, dun, dun.

What the fuck have I gotten in to?
saturday 10/2/04 2:30am: The Po's pull us over. I immediately ask M, "is there anything I need to know?" He says "My name is M and you just met me."

saturday 10/2/04 2:35am: M tells the police that he doesn't have a driver's license and the reason that he's driving is because his friend in the backseat is drunk. He's never been arrested and he only has his college ID from Detroit.He also says that he's from Detroit.....hmmm....The Police have backseat guy get out and I find out his name is Day. The car was rented by some other guy, named vic, up north and so while M is driving the insurance isn't offically in affect. So the police flash the light at Day and tell him that he doesn't look that intoxicated to them so go get some coffee from the 7-11 (that's where we'd pulled in to park) and then let Day drive. yeah the po's in Cali don't give the fuck about Black folks...until they run into a white family.

saturday 10/2/04 2:40am: We pretend to go into 7-11 to get coffee and we get back in the car. I'm calling this time I have prolly called her at least 900 times. no answer. no sign of my car. When we're saftely back in the car M says to me "whew, it's a good thing they didn't look in the trunk we got that 'Like Whoa' back there." I want to pass out. he goes on to say that that's the real reason they were down here to sell this "like whoa" to a distributor down here. then he asked did i have any male cousins who sell weed. I was tripped out.

saturday 10/2/04 2:45am: We continue driving around looking for kita and finally Day says to me "The po's is deep over here we need to get from over here" I say well lets' go to this afterhours spot and wait for her to call me back.

The truth or is it?
saturday 10/2/04 3:00am: We get to the reggae after hours. I have called kita at least 50 million more times with no response. We go into the club and we dance.

saturday 10/2/04 3:45am: I ask M can I take his phone out side to use it and he says sure. I call my house and there's a message from kita marked 3:40am

"Jenny, this is kita, I went to the parking lot and decided to move your car closer to the club so that you wouldn't have to walk back to the parking lot. I parked the car at the 7-11 and when I came back the car was towed. I went to the tow yard and paid to get it out of towing and I am on my way to your house."

I hang up and try calling her and this tramp does not answer her fucking phone.

saturday 10/2/04 4:00am: she finally answers her phone and says to me.."Yeah I paid to get your car out of impound, so when can you pay me back the 279.00?" I went the the fuck off...first off, my car would have never been in impound if it wasn't for her ass moving the shit uninvited. She and I get into it. We are going at it and she says to me "Well I could've been a bitch about it and left your shit in the impound." That tramp has to get her ass beat. At the advise of M, I say you know what? whatever kita, i'll give you your money, I'll come get my car."

They din up and changed on me...
saturday 10/2/04 4:15am: I ask the guys to take me to her house and they say no. They say they are too drunk... So I try calling the tramp...I mean kita back and Her ass ain't answering her phone. I start calling all the homies and no one answers the phone. So I'm stuck with these dudes that I don't know.

saturday 10/2/04 4:30am: We check into a hotel, there is only single bed rooms left. So when we go into the room, Day takes the top matress off of the bed and puts it on to the floor. Then they order additional bedding for One to sleep on the clear space of floor near the door. M and I sit up and talk to each other for a minute and he begins to fall alseep. He gets down on the other matress to sleep and lets me sleep on the bed. No one tried to touch or feel or nothing.

saturday 10/2/04 8:30am: I wake up and both guys are sleep. The keys to the car and M's money are on the table by the door...for one quick second I thought of taking the keys and money and leaving but then I thought back on how nice these guys had been to me. and How they'd really helped me out. so I grabbed my purse tighter and went back to sleep.

No way home...
saturday 10/2/04 8:45am: Day wakes up and tells us its time to go. He says we need to get to his brothers house. I ask can they drop me at Kita's so I can get my car and they tell me that they'll take me later that I should just spend the day with them. I call Kita and leave a message telling her that I want to get my keys and car from her and that I will be by to get them. She of course is still not answering her phone.

saturday 10/2/04 9:30am: We get to Day's brother's house and his brother and nephew get into the car. We go over to this park and the brother and Day and the nephew get out. M tells me "I really like you, I think you're a nice girl and I really am interested in settling down and finding a girlfriend. I think that you could be her." I'm not trippin off of shit this nicca is saying because that's the shit niccas say.

saturday 10/2/04 9:45am: We go back to Day's brother's house and I ask can they take me now. Day says no because he needs to take his nephew to his mother's sister's house to pick up his pads before the game begins. I call Kita and tell her that the people I'm with have things to do but I will be by to pick up my car. I have to leave a message because she's not answering her phone.

saturday 10/2/04 10:30am: we go to this mini-resturant in the MLK center to eat breatfast. M is asking me about my birthday and my sign and the things I like to do and my education and tells me that he wants to take me with him back to Oakland. I laugh and tell him that I need to work and get my daughter. He says that he will take me to get my daughter and than the three of us can spend the week in oakland. I laugh it off and he looks at me with a dead serious face. I try to change the subject but he tells me that he is so serious about this.

saturday 10/2/04 11:00am: We go back to Day's brothers house and M tells me that I need to get some clothes becuase I can't possibly wear my club clothes to the football game. I tell him I am not going to the game and that I need to get home. M tells me he wants me to spend the day with him and that they really don't have time to take me so, I should just go with them. He then tells me that he's going to take me to this store he saw around the corner to buy me some clothes.

saturday 10/204 11:40: we get back from the store and I change clothes. Day's brother tells us that it's time to take the little boy tothe park so that he won't miss the bus to the game. I ask that if after that they could take me to kita's to get my car and they say if there's time.

Have I been kidnapped?
saturday 10/2/04 12:05: We (Day's Brother, M, the little boy and myself) get to the park and Day's brother and the little boy get out the car. I'm sitting in the backseat and M is in the front. He has his seat leaning way back sort of crushing my leg.I'm sitting more on the right side of the car but sort of in the middle. I look over at the school bus and recognize the driver, it's a friend of mine from school, I call out to him and he comes over to the car window on the left side of the car. I turn slightly toward him and start talking to him. M reaches for my arm and grabs it and begins to hold it tightly. I frown a little and Chris, my friends, asks me is everything ok. He can't see M holding my arm. I turn to M and he smiles so, I say yes to chris with out looking back at him.

Chris walks away and I say very slowly to M "You know, I could get out of this car if I wanted to and be down the block before you could catch me" He says "no, you wouldn't make it out the car." Without even looking at me. I say "I would" he says "try" and sits up in his seat. For the first time I felt worried.

I was thinking what if these dudes really hurt me. I move closer to the door where I had just been talking to chris and try to open the door and the child locks were on. I look back at M, who is staring out the front window not even facing me and he says "I told you" He says "I kidnapped you" I say laughing "what?" he says "I kidnapped you" I say "what! in my own city?" "He says "kidnapped, womannapped, ladynapped, whatever you want to call it.." Then he says. "you're comin with me to Oakland." I just sit back in my seat. Then He laughs. then he turns towards me and says firmly "come here" I lean foward and he kisses me on my lips. and says "just playing". I'm not so sure.

saturday 10/2/04 12:30pm: We get back to Day's brothers house and the guys are ready to go to the game, I ask if I could get dropped off on the way there and M tells day to just ignore me. I ask if I can use M's phone and he says yes. He lets me use his phone and I figure he had to be joking about the kidnapped things because why would a kidnapper allow thier captives to use the phone. I try calling Sony Studios, no answer, I try Muq, no answer, I try Kita, no answer. I worry. How am I going to get home?

Now I'm to far to run...
Saturday 10/2/04 1:00pm:We (Day's brother, some other guy, M and myself) get in the car and drive to Orange COunty....about a hour and half drive from where I stay. And I'm thinking whether or not I should try to run away out here where I don't know nobody. So, I don't because I figure I'll have a chance to when we get back to Los Angeles.

saturday 10/2/04 3:00pm: At the game M takes me to this shaded tree and sets up these fold up chairs tells me that he likes me again and he's thinking that he wants me to be his girlfriend. and that he'll try his hardest to give me everything I want. That he take his money from "doing his thang" and buy me a house where ever I want it and I can furnish it with my money from teaching. I just smile and agree. Under other circumstances M would be someone I'd want to be with. I always fall for the ones with all the bullshit ass game, no real job, illegal ass niccas. I finally get to talk to Muq with anyone around and she immediately takes report of what I have on and such.

saturday 10/2/04 4:30pm: We leave the game. We drive all the way back to Day's brother's house.

saturday 10/2/04 6:00pmThey're standing out side laughing and talking and I'm really concerned about getting my car back now. I have no car keys and Kita's not anwering her phone. It's going straight to voice mail. I try calling KG and ask her if Kita is at her house she says 'yes'. I say can you tell her that I'm on my way to pick up my car. she says fine. M and Day get in the car and we're on our way to Kita's and KG's house finally.

Time to beat somebody's ass...
saturday 10/2/02 6:45pm: We're about ten minutes from KG's house when KG calls M's phone and says "Jenny, Kita left a message for me on my phone saying that she left your car in front of your house witht he keys in the glove box with the door unlocked." I say "what?" She says "yea, she left the keys in the glove box with the door unlocked. I am immediately pissed!!!! That bitch. I just said I was on my way to her muthafuckin house. M turns around and heads back to my house.

saturday 10/2/04 7:30pm: my car is not there.

saturday 10/2/04 7:35pm: I call kita, over and over and over again aksing her where my car is and she's pulling this don't answer my phone agian shit. i tell her that if she doesn't call me back I'm going to have to call the police.

saturday 10/2/04 8:00pm: I go up to my apartment and try to hide from Day and M how to get into my house without a key but they are all up in it. I get in and they come in and I allow them to make microwave buriitos while I continue calling kita over an over again with no answer.

Free at last...or so I thought
saturday 10/2/04 8:30pm:M tells me he really wants me to go back to Oakland with him. and that I need to pack my clothes I tell him no. Day says he's ready to leave to Oakland and I walk them out side. M asks me for a hug, I say ok and he doesn't let go. He tells me.."please, come back with me?" I say "no" I got to go to work Monday." He says "fuck your job." I laugh and he says "ok last chance." I say "sorry i can't." He finally lets go and gets in the car.

saturday 10/2/04 8:35pm: I call sony studios and she finally answers the phone and I tell her the digs on my car. She says "stay right there, I'm on my way". I say "ok".

saturday 10/2/04 9pm: Sony Studios gets there and the phone rings, it's M he tells me "I'm on my way back over your house, we're not leaving tonight". I say "but I'm leaving..." he says "don't" I say "I'm already in the car". he says "well wait for me." I say "i can't" He says "Well I'll be there when you get back." I say "ok I'll wait for you then".

saturday 10/2/04 9:20pm M gets there and we all get into his car...SO that we can fit. Sony studios has a camaro. We drive over to KG's house and that bitch doesn't even open the bar door when she's talking to me. As long as we've been friends (9 years) and this tramp doesn't even respect me enough to open the door. All she keeps saying is "I don't know what happened. I don't know." Bitch.

saturday 10/2/04 9:40pm: we get back to my house. Sonya Leaves. M comes upstairs and we're talking. He's telling me that he would really like it if I came to Oakland with him and that he's never felt this way so quickly about someone. and that He wants me to be his girl and drama drama drama. I'm just like "your'e cool peeps too." We eat, we hang, chill, whatever. He leaves. I call the police and try to report my car stolen and they tell me that I need to have the registered owner report it so I tell Muq that she needs to call. I finally settle down and go to sleep.

A new day, a different side...
sudnday 10/3/04 8:00am: M calls me and says "let's go to breakfast." I say "ok".

Sunday 10/3/04 9:00am:M gets to my house and I leave him sitting in the livingroom waiting while I go to the restroom. I start into the restroom and when i come out M is gone, my purse(with my rent money in it) is gone and my door is wide open.

Sunday 10/3/04 9:05am: I call the police. Tell them I've been robbed, Call sony studios and tell her to come over as fast as possible.

sunday 10/3/04 9:15am: I frantically bang on my neighbors door, tell him I've just been robbed and ask him for a ride. He says yeah and gets dressed.

sunday 10/3/04 9:30am: We're headed for Day's big Brothers house. We're speeding through traffic, I'm hoping that since M doesn't really know LA that well I can make it there before he can get there and get away.

sunday 10/3/04 9:45am: We get there and I mind you I have no weapon, no idea who is in the house and I'm full of adrenaline bang on Day's brother's house and I say "where's your muthafuckin friend and my money. That nigga stole my money." They are lost and have no idea what I'm talking about and I tell them that "if someone doesn't give me my fuckin money there's going to be problems." I get outside and Day's brother apologizes for the situation and says he don't play that shit "they're drug dealers not thieves."

Sunday 10/3/04 9:50am: I tell J, My neighbor, that I don't believ that M is not there, so lets go look in the alley. As we're getting to to alley M is turning the corner. J turns around and follows him back to the house. M gets out the car all nonchantly thinking 'Jenny aint got no car she can't possibly follow me here.' and I jump right in his face I'm like "Nigga where's my muthafuckin shit" and going on and on with his ass, he's just denying everything...over and over he denys. he says if you don't believe me call the police and gives me his cellphone. I call 911 and "Say yes I'd like to report a robbery" and he grabs the phone from me. Now, we're struggling back and forth, by this time, Day and his brother have come outside, J is yelling for me to get in the car, and Day's brother is threatening him not to hit me. I get in the truck with J and I use his cell phone to call the Po's. They tell me that it will be 30 minutes. I can't wait. J's cellphone rings and it's his brohter saying that Sony studios and the Po's have arrived at my house. I say lets go back to my house.

Sunday 10/3/04 10:30am I get to my house and the po's call me on J's cellphone and tell me to go back to where I was just at. I tell Sony studios and we hop in her car. We go back over there and See M and Day driving towards the freeway in the opposite direction. I take her cellphone and call CHP and tell them thier license plate # and ALL the business...aabout the "like whoa", who rented the car, where they're headed to, the license plate, what rental company it's from where they got the "like whoa" from,e'rythang. They had shared it with me so I told. The operator asked if I wanted to leave a # and I said no.

Sunday 10/3/04 11:30am Sony studios and I go back to my house and I have no car no keys and no $. I should be worried, but I'm not.

* That bitch is going to get it.
* CHP said they made a stop but that's all they can tell me.
* My daughter and I are back on the bus.
* No word from the Po's about my new old car.


Anonymous said...

Jenny thats messed up, I've been reading for a while and you entertain me so much while I'm at work I went back and read the archives.... Out of all your stories this is the worst, and you do get your self into some thangs. I hope it all works out, you getting your car back and beating that bitches ASS!!

Duchess said...

Jenny! The entire time I was praying- please dont let anything happen to her, God please dont let her get rapped. This is terrible! I almost feel that I should give you my # incase youre ever in OC and you need help like that again ( a ride)!!!

belle said...

OMG! I'm reading through every single post on your blog, and this read like a show. Glad nothing bad happened to you... scary stuff.
Can't believe M stole your money. Also, weren't you scared he'd come back to your house and get you after you told their biz to the po?